Sexual & General Health

Condoms do make a difference

use an extra strong condom when having sex, check before use that the expiry date has not passed, and make sure that you always store your condoms in a cool place to keep them strong.
use plenty of water-based lube because oil-based lubes like vaseline, baby oil and margarine will destroy condoms

OK so we know they can get in the way - you can't feel as much, and they're awkward to put on ...

... but properly used every time with plenty of WATER BASED lube they're the only protection we've got against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

IF YOU'RE GOING TO have sex ... MAKE SURE YOU ARE REALLY WORKED UP AND HARD ... it makes it easier to get a condom on. If your cock gets soft – work up some steam and put a new one on later. Try practising when wanking yourself off.

BE CAREFUL with your teeth and finger nails, as a torn condom is a useless condom. Squeeze the end to make space for the cum, and roll right down the shaft.

Use more lube if you need to. Once you've done your stuff, hold the rubber at the base of your cock when pulling it out.

DON'T leave the rubber lying around for pets or children to find as there is a risk of suffocation. Putting it down the toilet can be very boring as it bobs up defiantly to the surface even after the seventh flush. Wrap it up in some tissue and put it in the rubbish bin.

Based on a guide produced by the Wessex Gay Men's Health Forum © 2001