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Focus on Eye Health

Looking outWe shouldn't take our sight for granted....

So many of us take our most important sense, sight, for granted. Many of the eye conditions that affect people, such as cataracts and glaucoma, are associated with diet and lifestyle and their oxidative stresses. It is no wonder that how we eat and live can make a difference to the health of eyes.

Blurred vision, general decline in sight, sore or red eyes and headaches can all be signs of deteriorating eye health, so addressing your diet and lifestyle should be the first port of call.

Help yourself....

  • Make sure that you read or watch television in adequate light
  • If you work in front of a computer make sure that you give your eyes a break after 20 minutes as this can be a great strain on the eyes
  • Smoking and excess alcohol reduces the blood flow to the eyes and can speed up oxidative damage
  • Get regular checks from an optician and always wear UV filter sunglasses in the sun
  • Take a daily multi-vitamin tablet and improve your diet to include your 5 a day

Mark Castle-Woodhams, October 2008