Sexual & General Health

Visiting a Clinic

What happens when you visit a sexual health (GUM) clinic?

You may be unsure of what to expect when you visit a sexual health (GUM) clinic. It is a simple process. All staff have extensive knowledge of sexual health and can offer non-judgemental advice and information.

For most clinics, you must phone to make an appointment. If you have an urgent problem, you can walk in and be seen by one of the trained nurses who can arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible.

When you arrive a receptionist will welcome you to the clinic, take your name and some details, and arrange for you to see a doctor. These details are kept within the clinic and are completely confidential.

The doctor will discuss your reasons for attending and talk about any symptoms you may have. He/she may give you advice on a health problem, discuss your sexual partners and examine you if necessary.

The nurse or doctor will conduct any tests or treatment which you have discussed with your doctor. He/she will also answer any questions you may have.

Health Advisers are available to discuss any concerns you may have any your sexual health and look at ways for you to talk to your partner(s) about an infection particularly if they might also need treatment and advice. Health Advisers can also give you information and support to help you decide if you want to take an HIV test.

Hopefully your experience will have been as pleasant as possible and you will have returned home feeling that you have been given the best available treatment and all the advice and information you need to take care of your sexual health.

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