Sexual Health

You can also find many of the sexual health resources that Men's Sexual Health has produced here. There are booklets and guides as web pages that you can read online, and some also have downloadable versions in PDF format (for which you can download Adobe Reader if you don't already have it).

PEP and PrEP (in our HIV section)
We have now added brief articles to our HIV information section about PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) and PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis), with links to useful websites providing information on these important topics..
HIV spot test
The How, Where and Why of HIV Testing
HIV testing is now simple, fast and nearly always free. Find out where, how and why you should get tested to help yourself and your community.
Top 5 Sexually Transmitted Infections
Top 5 Sexually Transmitted Infections
On this page we look at the top five diagnosed Sexually Transmitted Infections; how these may have increased or decreased and how to treat and prevent each one.
Image of a condom
Chlamydia - The Silent Epidemic
Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection which is such a widespread disease that it is often known as the silent epidemic. This page explains the disease, how to prevent it and how it is detected and treated.
Lesbians and bisexual women symbol
Information for lesbians and bisexual women
This section contains sexual health information for lesbians and bisexual women, including information on HIV and STIs, pregnancy and cervical cancer.
Hepatitis - a guide for gay and bisexual men
Hepatitis - a guide for gay and bisexual men
A guide to Hepatitis A & B for gay and bisexual men produced by the Wessex Gay Men's Health Forum.
Hepatitis C We also have information about Hepatitis C and how you can avoid it.
Visting a Sexual Health Clinic
Visiting a Sexual Health Clinic
This page tells you what happens when you visit a sexual health (GUM) clinic and what you can expect from those that work there.
Sex & Drugs leaflet cover
Sex & Drugs
Our short guide to how drug use may affect your sex life, with details of local drug support services and links to find out more about this subject.
Syphilis leaflet cover
Syphilis Is Back
... And it's here in the South West
Syphilis is currently increasing amongst gay men more rapidly than any other sexually transmitted infection (STI). This guide tells you about how it is transmitted, the symptoms and how you can protect yourself from it.
Condoms Do Make a Difference
Condoms Do Make a Difference
A guide to putting on and using condoms produced by the Wessex Gay Men's Health Forum for it's condom pack. You can get free condoms through the post from us or at a number of countywide collection points.
Dam It!
Dam It!
When properly used dental dams may help reduce the risk of catching or spreading sexually transmitted infections including HIV. This page is a guide to using dental dams for safer oral sex.
STI guide cover
Sexually Transmitted Infections - a guide for gay and bisexual men. Produced by Wessex Gay Men's Health Forum.
Image of a depressed guy
Erectile Dysfunction (also commonly known as impotence)
Much more common than many people realise, erectile dysfunction (the inability to get or maintain an erection) affects almost one in ten men in the UK. This page looks at the underlying reasons which can cause this problem and what can be done about it.
Viagra: Are you Dying for a Hard-on?
Viagra: Are you Dying for a Hard-on?
The dangers of taking unprescribed VIAGRA; a leaflet produced by Wessex Gay Men's Health Forum.

Keep checking back since we will be adding further guides in the future.

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