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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Having an STI is nothing to be ashamed of. They are a reality for anyone who is sexually active.

This guide gives the symptoms of common STIs and how you might notice them. However, for most STIs, there may or may not be any.

If you are at all concerned, then contact a GUM Clinic or a Sexual Health Clinic (some clinics local to Men's Sexual Health are listed in our Service Guide).

It is important to get early treatment to prevent an STI from getting worse and reduce the risk of passing it on.

If you do have an STI it is important, where possible, to inform your sexual partner(s) so they can get early treatment too.

Throughout this guide, symbols for areas of the body have been used. These are highlighted in red if that area is affected by the STI.

Arse icon
Arse, Anus, Rectum
Head icon
Mouth, Eyes, Throat, Lips
Penis icon
Penis, Testicles, Groin, Genital area

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