Sexual & General Health

Sexually Transmitted Infections


Does not affect arse area
Does not affect eyes/mouth area
Does not affect genital area


  • Often none. People can stay fit and well for many years, and not know that they have HIV.
  • Symptoms can differ from person to person and may occur several years after infection. These can include night sweats, swollen lymph glands and recurrent infections.

Treatment: Regular visits to the clinic

  • Tablets and cream can reduce painful irritation and treat further outbreaks.

WARNING! There is no cure for HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. Once you have the virus you remain infectious for life. A blood test is available at GUM Clinics, it's free and can take 3 days for the result.


  • Anal sex without a condom carries a very high risk of infection, using a condom will reduce this risk.
  • More information about HIV/AIDS is available from your local GUM Clinic or Gay Men's Health Project.

For more detailed information about HIV, see our HIV and AIDS section.

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