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Sexually Transmitted Infections

NSU (Non-specific Urethritis)

Affects arse area
Does not affect eyes/mouth area
Affects genital area


  • Sometimes no symptoms at all.
  • Abnormal discharge from penis or anus.
  • Inflammation around the genital area.
  • Desire to piss more frequently.
  • Pain or burning when pissing.
  • Flu-like symptoms

Treatment: 2 - 3 visits to the clinic

  • Antibiotics can treat most NSU infections. When no specific treatment is available the doctor will prescribe something to ease the discomfort.

WARNING! If left untreated NSU may lead to inflammation of the testicles and be extremely painful during sex.


  • NSU is passed on during anal and oral sex.
  • Using condoms will reduce the risk of infection.

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