June 2018

National HIV Testing Week
Rebooting the rainbow flag

February 2016

All about Poppers

January 2016

New Years Resolutions
Poppers to be banned in the UK when Psychoactive Substances Bill becomes law
PrEP support expands

December 2015

Be careful online: two guys robbed after Grindr hook-ups
Information on PEP and PrEP
The Holidays are Coming

November 2015

November 2015: A new future for the Men's Sexual Health website
HIV Testing Week 2015: How and why to get tested
World AIDS Day 2015: Getting to Zero

February 2014

End of service in Wiltshire and Swindon
The Top 5 STIs

January 2014

Whats under your hood?

December 2013

Happy seXMAS!

November 2013

Male Domestic Abuse

October 2013

Don't be Tricked this Halloween!
World Aids Day 2013 - Know Your Status!

July 2013

Hepatitis: The Silent Epidemic
Swindon & Wiltshire Pride 2013

June 2013

Cervical Screening Awareness Week

May 2013

IDAHO DAY May 17th 2013
Male Cancer - Know The Signs

April 2013's time we listened

March 2013

When did you last have sober sex?

February 2013

Learn From The Past, Look To The Future
Older but maybe not wiser...?
Free LGB Training Course

January 2013

Is it time for an MOT?
New Swindon Social Group

December 2012

Staying safe this Christmas time

October 2012


September 2012

Free Counselling Service re-opens!
World Suicide Prevention Day
Male abuse & Exploitation
Sexual Health week - STI's on the rise!

July 2012

Swindon & Wiltshire Pride 2012
World Hepatitis Day

June 2012

Is it time you got your Juicy Plums and Peachy Bottom checked....?

May 2012

Voluteers wanted!

April 2012

Depression - Taking the first step

March 2012

Counsellor wanted!
Bowel Cancer Month
Condoms - Does Size Really Matter?!

February 2012

LGBT History Month - Homophobia in Sports

January 2012

Are you Grey and Gay?
Victims’ Services Advocacy Project

November 2011

Wiltshires LGBT Youth Group 2BME has ended.
Gay and Grey?
Mouth Cancer Action Month
Anti-Bullying Week
Domestic Abuse Awareness Week: 21-25 November 2011
World Aids Day December 1st 2011

September 2011

World Suicide Prevention Day
Sexual Health Week
Swindon Pride Update
Gay blood ban lifted
Men's Sexual Health Autumn Update

July 2011

July 28th: World Hepatitis Day
User Forum
Swindon & Wiltshire Pride
Have you got your holiday essentials?

May 2011

Men's Sexual Health asks: Have you got your eyes on the ball?
Could you volunteer for Men's Sexual Health?
May 17th: World IDAHO Day

April 2011

11th - 17th April: Depression Awareness Week
2BME - It Gets Better ... Today

February 2011

Men's Sexual Health Challenges YOU to Tackle Prejudice

November 2010

1st December: World AIDS Day

October 2010

Autumn Update

August 2010

GET YOUR PRIDE ON! Saturday August 14th, Swindon Pride 2010

July 2010

Gay and bisexual men's sex survey 2010

May 2010

Hepatitis A in gay and bisexual men

April 2010

Erectile dysfunction and your heart

February 2010

Pride, progress and transformation

January 2010

Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th January 2010
Ignorance and indifference risks spread of chlamydia
Ban lifted on HIV positive people travelling to the US

December 2009

Festive message from all at Wiltshire & Swindon Men's Sexual Health

November 2009

World AIDS Day is on the way

September 2009

Youth worker running for the National AIDS Trust
Launch of gay night in Devizes

August 2009

New local LGBT youth group has launched
Men's Sexual Health at Swindon Pride

May 2009

Do you have questions?
New service centre now open

March 2009

The new you

November 2008

Mental health guides
Focus on eye health

August 2008

Obesity and overweight

July 2008

Skin cancer

April 2008

Chlamydia - the silent epidemic
Penis size
Healthy eating
Coronary heart disease

January 2008

Have you got it? ... Get it checked, get it treated!
Gay men three times more likely to use drugs

December 2007

HIV transmission still on the increase

November 2007

Landmarks turn blue for World Diabetes Day
Together we make a difference

October 2007

Positive Nation is back
20 per cent of men with eating disorders are gay
Site update: HIV in the workplace
Site update: Grooming gorgeous
Site update: Erectile dysfunction
Site update: Chlamydia - The silent epidemic
Carry a condom ...
Homophobic bullying out of control in our schools
Gay Men's Health has changed!
Helpers needed ...
Site update: Through the years

July 2007

Third of gay men victims of domestic violence
Homophobic bullying 'almost epidemic' in Britain's schools
Sexual health check
England goes 'smoke free'

May 2007

The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations

April 2007

Hepatitis C
Collect free condoms

March 2007

The New Swindon Sanctuary
Why 'P' ...
Worldwide HIV prosecutions increase

February 2007

Gay men and insurance
Stonewall lists best employers for LGBT people
Gay teens have sex earlier
STIs on the rise
Record numbers with HIV now in the UK
40 million now living with HIV worldwide
30,000 have now said "I do"
Young entrepreneur invites other teens to join network
Visiting a Sexual Health Clinic

January 2007

Test to 'C'
Using dental dams
Diary dates for 2007
World AIDS Day, 1st December 2006: Update
Over 15,000 gay unions in the first year
Same-sex couples help drive housing market
63,500 adults now live with HIV in the UK
Three in five gay teens have sex before 16
HIV increase in Sydney

November 2006

Teen sex ignorance proves widespread
DVD for newly diagnosed
Pool male hygiene ups HIV risk
European HIV ignorance hits new low
LA ads 'seek to re-gay HIV'
Countdown to World AIDS Day
Christian Voice leader arrested
University's gay health course
HIV GBH man given sentence
Syphilis on the rise among gay men

August 2006

Over 6,000 gay couples joined
Gay church planned for Cardiff

July 2006

Special gay days at theme parks
First gay 'divorce'
Crystal meth usage
New THT campaign: The Facts!
New events page

December 2005

Civil Partnerships

November 2005

Research into same-sex relationships