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IDAHO DAY May 17th 2013

This week on May 17th, it is IDAHO Day, International day against homophobia and transphobia, a worldwide day for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people, and heterosexual people supporting them, to come together to campaign for equal rights, equal treatment and reduce hate crime.

Currently 78 countries criminlise same-sex relationships, with punishments as high as the death sentence, with the total number of people living in those 78 countries totaling 1,5 Billion people.

May 17th was chosen because it marks the anniversary of the decision to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders, a turning point for the social acceptance of LGBT people.

An International Day Against Homophobia belongs to no one individual. It’s about all people hoping for a prejudice-free world that can provide a place at the table for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. Inspired by all world theme-days, the day set aside to fight homophobia needs to be appropriated by all of those actively involved in civil society: gay and lesbian community organisations, those organisations focusing on other types of sexual diversity, unions, employers, private businesses, governments, public administration, professional associations, and all individuals seeking equality.

This year Men's Sexual Health will be attending New College Swindon to raise awareness of this day with the students and staff.

Feel free to click on our poster and print of your copy to show your support for this day wherever you work.

For more information about IDAHO and what action you can take to support it please visit the official IDAHO page