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LGBT History Month - Homophobia in Sports

Febuary is LGBT history month in the UK, and for the second year running it has been dedicated to reducing homophobia in sports due to the upcoming Olympic games. 

Homophobia in sports is an issue that has been going on for years; on the field, in the changing rooms, on the terraces and in media reporting, with little done to tackle it. With only a handful of major sports persons who have publicly 'come out' over the years, issues of homophobia are immense within the sporting world. Players fear they may lose their job, lose their sponsorship, not be picked to play or taken less seriously as a player. They may face abuse from team mates, spectators and the media. With all these concerns it is no wonder very few have taken the step to be willingly acknowledged as an LGBT sports person.
After last years hugely successful 'Show Homophobia The Red Card' campaign, Men's Sexual Health will once again be promoting this campaign during this month.

The updated 2012 poster will be sent to various venues around Swindon and the MSH team will be visiting 5 locations with a stand and engaging with the public around this campaign:

Feb 17th - Tesco Extra (Ocotal way) 10am - 5pm 
Feb 17th - MailCoach 8pm-11pm
Feb 21st - Swindon Central Library 10am - 4pm
Feb 25th - Swindon Football Club 1pm - 3pm  -
Feb 25th - Pinkrooms club 8pm - 11pm

If you are free on these days please come along to see us and support the campaign. If you would like a poster to display at your location, please get in touch.