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New Swindon Social Group

With LGBT history month on the horizon,  Men's Sexual Health will soon be unveiling its new campaign for this occasion. In preparation for this and the theme of our campaign, we are planning on launching a new social group in Swindon for the older LGBT community. We understand many of the older generation either feel isolated or left out from their community, or don't enjoy being part of the 'scene' so that's why we would like to try and launch a new group where new friendships can be made through a variety of social events. We plan to have the first meeting at the end of February, with a date soon to be announced. So if you live in the Swindon area, aged 50+ and would like to be part of the new exciting social group then please let us know so we can send you further details. Either call us on 01793 250951 or drop us an email at