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Teen sex ignorance proves widespread

British teenagers are ill-informed about safer sex and potential sexual risks, according to several new studies published this month.

An online study by LunarStorm, found the thing that a quarter of 15-20 year olds feared most about sex was 'being bad at it'.

A similar percentage said catching a sexually transmitted disease (STI) was their greatest fear.

Gay youth website Puffta said it feared twice as many gay teenagers may have contacted HIV this year than in 2005.

Puffta editor Simon Johnson said: "Many gay teens are still not taking precautions. We are worried that this year's figures will be truly shocking."

The survey revealed almost half of gay teens had regular unprotected sex, with over a third not knowing their HIV status.

And even when condoms are used, 16-18 year-olds did not use them correctly.

Meanwhile a huge survey of 30,000 young people aged 16-24 found 80 per cent said sex education at school only covered the 'basics' and teachers were not ranked highly as an important source of sex advice.