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The Holidays are Coming

With Christmas approaching and families coming together, many gay men find themselves either alone, split from their boyfriends or in uncomfortable family situations. 

If you feel the holiday season may become the catalyst for coming out remember our coming out guide and the advice of preparing yourself (and avoid doing it when drunk or angry).

It is worth remembering at this time our other family: the gay friends we have. Please, during this Christmas period, think of your gay friends who might be alone or not enjoying the season, and give them a message or call just to say thinking of you and see you soon. It will mean a lot and "we are family" after all.

For our friends that need to talk during this "festive" period, there are always people out there who will listen. 

The London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

The Samaritans

From a different angle remember Gaydar has a chat room; there will be lots of people there looking to chat.

The team would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season.