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Victims’ Services Advocacy Project

Victim Support wants to know more about the issues affecting local victims and witnesses of crime. So early this year, they appointed a national network of victims’ services advocates in partnership with the Commission for Victims and Witnesses.

The team are talking to victims and witnesses about their experience of crime and finding out what services are available across England and Wales.

Their findings will produce a series of local reports which they will use to raise awareness of important issues affecting victims and witnesses. Their work will also be used to make sure that the new Police and Crime Commissioners for each police force have victim and witness issues on their agenda.

They want to hear your voice

As part of this project, they want to hear about your experiences locally including:

- how you were treated as a victim or witness by the police and the criminal justice system

- if you found suitable support services to help you through this difficult time in your life

- whether or not your reported the crime, and if not, why

They want to hear from people who have been a victim or witness in the last two years, especially for: 

- antisocial behaviour

- sexual assault

- domestic abuse

- hate crime

What to do

Focus groups and interviews will be taking place in your area over the next three months. If you want to take part please contact your local victims’ services advocate – Robin Newman, Victims’ Services Advocate (Wiltshire & Dorset) on 01380 738 872 or by email at
*please note - importantly for the research, participants have to experienced the crime within the last two years and must not have any criminal justice proceedings pending*