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Young entrepreneur invites other teens to join network

A young coventry entrepreneur is counting down to the launch of a brand new social networking website aimed at young gay men.

The service will be called Guys Connected and it will be the first social network for gay men to allow 16-year olds to sign up.

The creator of the service, Calum Brannan, aged 18, feels strongly about making the gay community a more accessible reality for younger people.

Guys Connected is all about making connections, keeping connections and integrating into the gay community," said Brannan. "One of the main reasons I would say young people do not get on with mainstream networks is the age restrictions imposed -- this was definitely an issue for me not so long back."

Brannan first became interested in websites on leaving school when he created the network site PPLParty, a site with over 350,000 members, at the age of just 17.

Guys Connected has been created specifically for 16 to 24 year olds and will enable users to meet new and existing friends online as well as accessing a scene guide and other services. Other features included will allow users to upload unlimited amounts of photographs free of charge as well as the ability to tailor the site to fit each user's mood.

Guys Connected will also be encouraging venues across the country to register. It will also be looking into the possibility of holding alcohol free parties allowing young gay men under the age of 18 to meet and make friends in a safe place.

Brannan is aware of teh potential of the site to be misused and so the team behind the site already includes a small number of helpdesk staff who will monitor complaints of inappropriate material and review uploaded content.

The site will launch at the end of January at