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Rebooting the rainbow flag

The distinctive six-colour pride flag has been around for almost forty years and is gaining more and more prominence with every year ? in the last few years in particular it has begun to feel like it is everywhere, as large international companies incorporate it into their marketing to show their support for LGBT people, though not without criticism.

This website, to show it?s move back to a focus on gay people has also adopted colours of the rainbow and this has been enhanced as we move this month, at last!, to a new mobile friendly design.

However, despite its intention as a symbol for inclusion, not everyone in the LGBT community feels represented by the flag and so there are moves to make it more inclusive still. The original flag, designed in the seventies by artist Gilbert Baker who died last year, has now been updated by designer Daniel Quasar, who has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help promote his new design.

Quasar calls his project Progress because he says, ?we need to always keep progress moving forward in all aspects of our community.? His new flag design adds bands of light blue, pink and white to represent trans people; black and brown to represent marginalised ethic minorities and the black doubles up to also represent those who are living with HIV/AIDS or have been lost to the disease.

Whether the new flag will really take off remains to be seen, but already the campaign has raised far more than its goal, so just maybe this update will get traction.