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Spot of top of foreskin

15, virgin, flesh coloured spot towards top of foreskin, quite small and very slightly elavated, its been there for a while and is worrying me.....

Asked by Jake (aged 15) on 21st October 2016 (in Health) • Views: 199

Tags: foreskin penis size spots

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Soft n lose penis

When I want to have sex with my partner I don't find my penis hard that I could insert it easily, it's too soft n lose all the time, even when I masterbate, it just couldn't stand tight n hard, it was hard b4 but from last couple of years it has become embarrassment with partner

Asked by U (aged 24) from India on 22nd September 2016 (in Health) • Views: 219

Tags: penis erection

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Sperm comes very quickly

When mood comes to me and have sex the sperm comes out with in a min but my penis are tight and in good length

Asked by Hari (aged 20) from India on 12th November 2016 (in Health) • Views: 433

Tags: penis ejaculation premature ejaculation gay

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Erection problem

I mastrubate regular before 8 years ago and before 1-2 years i feels my erection is not maintained during sex and i dont get morning erection or any erection at night when i am foreplay with girl then my erection is occour not very stronger and my age is just 23 and after one educulation not eerect much stronger after an hours refactory time my penis is 12cm i am watching porn during mastrubation any medicine. Work for me as a permanent treatment my testorane level is 426

Asked by Reo (aged 23) from India on 12th January 2017 (in Health) • Views: 151

Tags: penis erection

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No spam after sex

Im age of forty. But i after sex sperm does not come out but i feels its coming out. Its not totally empty. What should i do now

Asked by anonymous (aged 42) from Bangladesh on 11th October 2016 (in Health) • Views: 236

Tags: ejaculation gay

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Water drop during erection and itchy top of penis

thanks for taking your time to read this messege. i have this problem from last many years i would say. whenever i get erection in a minute drops starts coming out of my penis , which firstly effect the erection and i Cum very fast . Also the top end of my penis (Glans) are is gets very itchy which seems to me very serious bcz of that i cant enjoy erection. i did too much masturbation as well.

Asked by shah on 6th July 2011 (in Sex) • Views: 5653

Tags: precum penis ejaculation premature ejaculation erection masturbation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like you are describing pre-cum, not all men get this, and those that do it can vary from just a little leak to a lot, but let me reasure you this is perfectly normall. Pre-cum is a clear fluid that emits from the tip of the penis when a man is sexually aroused, and its purpose is to act as a lubricant (please be aware this can transmit STI, HIV and can contain sperm if you are not using barrier methods such as condoms to have safe sex with). In very rare cases some men over produce this, if this is the case I would discuss with you GP if possible. Regarding the cumming very fast, this could be for various reasons, and I wouldn't say it has anything to do with your pre-cum. Many men suffer from Premature ejaculation, a recent UK survey said 10% of male population had suffered with PE at some point in their life. Another European study classed PE as lasting around 1.8 mins, and with 7.3 mins being classed as normal, would you say you fall into this first category as what you class as PE might not be PE. There are initially 4 treatments for PE - 1) Distraction method - when you are nearing climax, think about something comepletely different than whats going on. 2) Applying a delay gel to your penis, this will decrease sensitivity and hopefully improve your duration. 3) Delay condoms, this are coated with the delay gel and with the added thickness of the condom this too will help improve your duration. 4) start stop method - when alone try masterbating till u reach the point where you are going to climax but stop yourself, repeat this 3 or 4 times to build up your own self control, and then allow yourself to climax, after a few times a week doing this, you should find yourself lasting longer. Regarding the itchy end of your penis, if you masturbate too often then yes the penis could become sore, but there could also be other reasons, it could be a reaction to soap or cleaning product you are currently using, or it could be and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), again I would recommend going to you doctor/GP and explain your concerns and get tested as most STI's can be treated. Please get back to us if you still have any further concerns.

0 1Answered by team member Matt 7th July 2011 (edited 14th May 2016)

As far as the itchiness is concerned, you should use a creme called Man1 Man Oil. It is made just for guys who have injured themselves during masturbation or other sex acts. Simply rub it into your penis skin once a day and things will be a lot better. It's a very helpful product. Safe too. You can get it online.

0 0Answered by MikeH (member of the public) 29th November 2016

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Sperm ejection regarding

i am 40 years old married having one male kid from last 3 years staying away from wife only 10 or 11 times done intercourse. but frequently done masterbation evrythng was ok but before 3 month i got the problem of ureteral stone n golblader stone i was strted taking medicine to remove ureteral stone by ayurvedic but it fails than urologist advised me medicine to remove from urine. i have alwys pain on my left lower stomach now from last three days penis is erecting but sperm is not coming out ... please help

Asked by anonymous (aged 40) from India on 23rd September 2016 (in Health) • Views: 248

Tags: penis ejaculation gay

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I am male and why my mouth start to watering when I see women giving blowjob?

Asked by anonymous on 25th January 2017 (in Health) • Views: 125

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My penis gets errect at night and ejects sperm

When ever am in deep sleep my penis gets errects and sperm comes out

Asked by Ritesh (aged 28) from India on 28th January 2016 (in Sex) edited by MSH • Views: 1010

Tags: penis ejaculation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi, this is a totally normal thing to happen and shows that you are healthy and everything is working normally. When we dream our bodies react to the dreams and we can get hard-ons / erections and sometimes ejaculate (sperm comes out) as well. There is nothing to worry about, even if it is sometimes inconvenient. You could try wanking / masturbating before going to sleep this sometimes reduces sperm coming out while you sleep.

1 0Answered by team member Douglas 29th January 2016 (edited 8th May 2016)

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My penis not stand suddanly after 4 days how to treat it?

Asked by anonymous on 9th April 2017 (in Health) • Views: 93

Tags: penis erection

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Addiction to manstribation and porn

I am a 20 year old guy and is addicted to porn and manstribation. it has become so worse that I eject 3-4 times a day and watching alot of porn. thus I want to stop but it is so difficult. isn't there some medical way that can help me so that I cannot get hard easily and be in the mood everyday for jerking off. please help

Asked by Zandile (aged 20) from Namibia on 7th May 2016 (in Health) • Views: 458

Tags: erection

i have the same problem and what is working on me is simply doing something else... i tend to listen music untill the "mood" goes away, if you can do it it will get easier over time ... well it is for me atleast...

0 0Answered by anonymous member of the public 13th August 2016

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dr. i used to mastribute .. everything was going good.. but few days ago i realized that my dick is not erecting easily as it used to be.. why is this happening .. will it effect my sexual life as i am only 21 year old and unmarried

Asked by dev (aged 21) from India on 22nd November 2016 (in Health) • Views: 201

Tags: penis

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Sperm is not coming from penis while masturbation

hi i am 21 year old. sperm are not coming from penis when i masturbation but when i sleep in bed and when there is erection i rub my penis againsts bed for 4-5 min i got my sperm. whats the promblem why sperm doesn't come when i masturbation? please have me solution

Asked by sam (aged 21) from India on 22nd April 2016 (in Health) • Views: 767

Tags: penis ejaculation erection masturbation

Hello i am 24 year old.during erection when i shake my penish for long time dperm doesnot come outside.what should i fo?is it ok or not ok?tell me the solution plzzzzx

2 2Answered by joy (member of the public) 25th April 2016 (edited 3rd Apr 2017)

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Do i get hiv from masturbation

i masturbates many times in past now im 16 but my health is decreasing and i became weak in couple of days, so i infected with hiv or not?

Asked by vaibhav (aged 16) from India on 2nd October 2016 (in Health) • Views: 242

Tags: masturbation hiv

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Penis is not Standing got to Soft

Hello I m from pakistan, in my childhood due to watching movies and interest in Sex i had done Alot of HP (Hand practices) and now from passed couple of mouths its near to my Wedding and my dick Even didn't stand from 2,3 months .. So worried what should i do ? and Which Doctor should i see and is there any cure for it.. because i m too worried about it .... Please any one Give some usefull Advice and also like for Ears we go to ENT Doctor, for Teeth we go to dentist so the same for this disease which kind of doctor should i see ??

Asked by anonymous (aged 26) from Pakistan on 19th August 2016 (in Health) • Views: 282

Tags: penis erection disease

Evn I have same kind of problem, my penis stand but it's too soft that I face prblm while inserting..??

0 0Answered by Amu (member of the public) 23rd September 2016

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Penis ejaculate even though didn't do anything

Hi there, I'm 22 and am wondering, recently I discovered that my penis ejaculate even though I didn't do anything to it (This includes masturbating) for the past few days. At home playing games, outside hanging out with friends, going to school, and sometimes it just ejaculate. Is it a sign of unhealthiness?

Asked by Yat (aged 22) from Singapore on 28th January 2016 (in Sex) edited by MSH • Views: 399

Tags: penis ejaculation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

I think you are talking about a goo called precum which men can produce whenever we are sexually aroused; and this can happen a lot when we are young (even when we don’t realise we are thinking about sex). It is a natural lubricant: sticky and generally clear. This is different from ejaculating which feels much more physical and tends to come in several bursts and is usually a creamy white and can be lumpy. 

If you have had sex with other people and you are leaking a yellowy green pus-like fluid and it stings when you piss (urinate) you may have an infection and you should visit a sexual health clinic or see a doctor.

But from your description I don’t worry that there is anything wrong and it actually shows you are fit and well.

1 0Answered by team member Douglas 29th January 2016 (edited 13th Feb 2016)

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Involuntary / spontaneous orgasms

I'm 16 years old male and I'm very serious about this. When I'm mildly anxious quite often have a spontaneous ejaculation. So basically every time I am writing an exam, i wear so much in my pants to hide this now, pants > shorts > underwear. I use to be pretty normal, school ends go to the park and play with friends. Now I cannot enjoy music or watching movies or any other activities as much as I used to. I don?t even care for regular social contact with friends or family anymore. This didn't all mysteriously happen, when I was 14 years old I had to get an appendix surgery, I know this is a very common procedure and happens so many times but after the surgery It was difficult to pee but it eventually got normal and I kept feeling physical arousal at my penis, like hypersensitivity slight movements would trigger it, I didn't really know how to explain it back then so i didn't even mention it. In school one day we had a test, I studied hard for it and there was like one question that i found difficult and my anxiety nerve went up mildy and that mildy made me spontaneous ejaculate. I was so distressed that day and felt so uncomfortable that something like that can happen without any control on my part. I told my dad and we went to an MD, refered to an urologist. The urologist which I waited so many months for said I was normal(do i have to record this for him or what!) yet I still get spontaneous ejaculations and hypersensitivity constantly. This is so embarrassing and i don't know what to do anymore. I also cant do presentation, luckily my doctor sent a document to my school that says i have extreme anxiety that excludes me from doing presentations (i don't but they aren't going to say spontaneous orgasm so im okay with it). What do i do? I came across this while searching i think he explained what happens during a test much better then i did: it is literally this, i messaged the op but it seems that account is inactive i hope he replies i asked him if he has fixed it somehow. I'm very desperate and i feel the medical system has failed me. My urologist would just lecture me how im at that age where i get "wet dreams and body development" and stuff i already knew. I don't know what else to do? See another doctor? See another urologist? See a psychologist?

Asked by Adrian (aged 16) from Canada on 20th March 2016 (in Health) • Views: 1901

Tags: penis ejaculation premature ejaculation erection gay testing

Hi, you may read my post (Dan) on a similar topic here: I think we are lucky! Apart of the little wet mess in our underwear, there is no need to worry about. Enjoy the nice feeling... Do you have more than one orgasm during one exam? After you are done (with the pleasure) do you feel ok going to finish the exam? I also had/have countless wet dreams in which I am dreaming to be at school exams, loosing the train or missing the flight. Again, I think we are a lucky minority. You may share your story with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) and I am sure she/he will get very aroused. It would be the perfect foreplay. I am also sure that after you will start your sex life with a partner, these exam orgasm will diminish. At least when you will finish your school. You will miss the pleasure... And I absolutely advise NOT to go to another doctor. You (we) are perfectly normal!

0 0Answered by Dan (member of the public) 12th August 2016

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How i got my ex back

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Asked by Kathryn (aged 32) on 13th December 2016 (in Health) • Views: 162

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Right testicle retraction

my right testicle never seems to come down and when it does it ascends straight back up it is significantly smaller then my left testicle I am worried and have contacted my GP but awaiting remittance your help would be very helpful-thanks

Asked by lorcan (aged 18) from Ireland on 13th December 2016 (in Health) • Views: 182

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Watery fluid coming out of my penis

Sir I am a 20 year old boy. Sir I am suffering from a sexual problem. whenever I walk with my girlfriend or have simple chat with her or when I read a sex related article a watery fluid comes out of my penis. Because of this my bones have become very weak and I feel sleepy. Sir please help me to come out of this problem it is really giving me a tough time.

Asked by anonymous (aged 20) from India on 31st January 2016 (in Sex) edited by MSH • Views: 602

Tags: penis gay

Same problem is here .. Plzz tell me solution.

3 3Answered by anonymous member of the public 1st February 2016 (edited 6th Jun 2017)

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello the fluid that is coming out of your penis is called precum and is the body's natural lubricant. It is totally normal for a person to have precum when they are with someone they find sexy or read about sexy things. Do not worry, this is not causing you any health problems, in fact it is a very natural and healthy thing to happen. 

If you are feeling tired and weak, look at other aspects of  your life. Are you stressed about work or family? Is your diet worse than it should be? Are you getting enough exercise? These things are more likely to make you feel, weak and sleepy. A few changes to your lifestyle may make you feel a lot better. 

0 0Answered by team member Douglas 2nd February 2016 (edited 13th Feb 2016)