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Swollen sore penis

My foreskin and the top of my penis are very sore and swollen. My japs eye is wide open. Not caused by sex for certain. Any ideas?

Asked by NA (aged 34) from Ireland on 4th November 2016 (in Health) • Views: 266

Tags: foreskin penis

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Sperm ejection regarding

i am 40 years old married having one male kid from last 3 years staying away from wife only 10 or 11 times done intercourse. but frequently done masterbation evrythng was ok but before 3 month i got the problem of ureteral stone n golblader stone i was strted taking medicine to remove ureteral stone by ayurvedic but it fails than urologist advised me medicine to remove from urine. i have alwys pain on my left lower stomach now from last three days penis is erecting but sperm is not coming out ... please help

Asked by anonymous (aged 40) from India on 23rd September 2016 (in Health) • Views: 202

Tags: penis ejaculation gay

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Involuntary / spontaneous orgasms

I'm 16 years old male and I'm very serious about this. When I'm mildly anxious quite often have a spontaneous ejaculation. So basically every time I am writing an exam, i wear so much in my pants to hide this now, pants > shorts > underwear. I use to be pretty normal, school ends go to the park and play with friends. Now I cannot enjoy music or watching movies or any other activities as much as I used to. I don?t even care for regular social contact with friends or family anymore. This didn't all mysteriously happen, when I was 14 years old I had to get an appendix surgery, I know this is a very common procedure and happens so many times but after the surgery It was difficult to pee but it eventually got normal and I kept feeling physical arousal at my penis, like hypersensitivity slight movements would trigger it, I didn't really know how to explain it back then so i didn't even mention it. In school one day we had a test, I studied hard for it and there was like one question that i found difficult and my anxiety nerve went up mildy and that mildy made me spontaneous ejaculate. I was so distressed that day and felt so uncomfortable that something like that can happen without any control on my part. I told my dad and we went to an MD, refered to an urologist. The urologist which I waited so many months for said I was normal(do i have to record this for him or what!) yet I still get spontaneous ejaculations and hypersensitivity constantly. This is so embarrassing and i don't know what to do anymore. I also cant do presentation, luckily my doctor sent a document to my school that says i have extreme anxiety that excludes me from doing presentations (i don't but they aren't going to say spontaneous orgasm so im okay with it). What do i do? I came across this while searching i think he explained what happens during a test much better then i did: it is literally this, i messaged the op but it seems that account is inactive i hope he replies i asked him if he has fixed it somehow. I'm very desperate and i feel the medical system has failed me. My urologist would just lecture me how im at that age where i get "wet dreams and body development" and stuff i already knew. I don't know what else to do? See another doctor? See another urologist? See a psychologist?

Asked by Adrian (aged 16) from Canada on 20th March 2016 (in Health) • Views: 1611

Tags: penis ejaculation premature ejaculation erection gay testing

Hi, you may read my post (Dan) on a similar topic here: I think we are lucky! Apart of the little wet mess in our underwear, there is no need to worry about. Enjoy the nice feeling... Do you have more than one orgasm during one exam? After you are done (with the pleasure) do you feel ok going to finish the exam? I also had/have countless wet dreams in which I am dreaming to be at school exams, loosing the train or missing the flight. Again, I think we are a lucky minority. You may share your story with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) and I am sure she/he will get very aroused. It would be the perfect foreplay. I am also sure that after you will start your sex life with a partner, these exam orgasm will diminish. At least when you will finish your school. You will miss the pleasure... And I absolutely advise NOT to go to another doctor. You (we) are perfectly normal!

0 0Answered by Dan (member of the public) 12th August 2016

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Gelatine lumps in semen

For the last six months I have been noticing these gelatine lumps in my semen, I can feel them coming out during ejaculation, I've had a sti test and it was negative over the months it has started to get worse now I get a mild pain before ejaculation and my semen is thick almost gel like I am very concerned and have also noticed white pearly penile papules around my penis any idea what it might be. Diet? Infection? Irregular ejaculation?

Asked by Ricky on 10th June 2009 (in Health) • Views: 663314

Tags: penis penis size gelatine ejaculation gay testing sti

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thank you for getting in touch with us here at Men's Sexual Health. Firstly there's a wide range of texture, odor, and taste in normal and healthy semen. There is even variation in color, including opaque white, transparent, and yellowish. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as diet, lifestyle and alcohol consumption and even lack of regular ejaculations. This is a common question asked on our Q&A, so please do not feel alone, a lot of men have suffered from this issue. From our knowledge, sometimes the causes of jelly-like sperm is the massive concentration of protein compound of your sperm in your testicular sperm bank, usually those teens that masturbate actively for years and suddenly refrain from doing it have a greater chance of having this stuff(though its normal). Because during the time your still active in masturbation your testicles produces more sperm so it needs sugar and protein to produce a liquid substances wherein your sperm swam. So your brain may senses that during your frequent masturbation or sex maybe, it send a message to your testicles to produce more of these substances. Consequently, to the certain point of time you did not masturbate for along period, the sperm and protein base liquid in your testicles may over reproduce and the tendency of this if you were unable to let it ejaculate, it will accumulate in your testicles and becomes highly concentrated. Subsequently this causes your sperm to look like a jelly - like substance...its normal as long its color varies from white to yellowish and no blood or black or green. Some people find drinking more water, drinking less alcohol and masterbating more often sometimes solves the problem. You say you went for an STI test, did you discuss with the clinic about your sperm issue and what did they suggest? The fact that you are experiencing pain however we would suggest you see you local GP/Doctor to discuss this further to rule out any other underlying condition. Regarding your white pearly penile papules, the fact you know what they are called shows you have done your research. This are perfectly normal, nearly all men have these, some have more and bigger than others, this are just the glans of the penis and should not be worries about, again the fact you have had a STI test confirms these are unlikely to be anything other than your glans. Please do get back in touch if things don't improve.

44 22Answered by team member Matt 30th January 2013 (edited 11th Apr 2017)

But sometimes I feel a little. Itching around the cap I thought it was infection but I got treated then I got this tiny rough pause on my cap what can this be because I did blood test and I was okay

17 18Answered by patrick (member of the public) 31st July 2014 (edited 4th Dec 2016)

Ty for clearing this up as I have the same issue and was rather concerned

9 14Answered by mercer (member of the public) 25th August 2015 (edited 4th Dec 2016)

i fel the same way too. i masturbate 3 times a week then one day i notice a yellowish in my cum too.

11 17Answered by papado (member of the public) 14th November 2015 (edited 4th Dec 2016)

I think best answer is available on

34 20Answered by Dowell48 (member of the public) 26th November 2015 (edited 23rd Apr 2017)

thanks for the answer i was having the same issues

10 8Answered by dalton (member of the public) 4th January 2016 (edited 4th Dec 2016)

You hit the nail on the head. I was a horny lil fucker my teen years and i was really familiar with the attic. Then i was hospitalized in my late 20's and also became depressed. Consequently my right hand man and i slowly drifted apart. As things got increasing better " purchased a smart phone, with clear picture and sound. Lets just say I wasn't haveing trouble keeping myself enertained when i had some free time. But as stated especially my first time, if i had milk and a GOOD vanilla... well i guess now its your preference i happen to be a custard guy. Not to say there's anything wrong with flan. All jokeing aside a better diet and most importantly routine master baking really does help.

22 14Answered by Bear (member of the public) 24th January 2016 (edited 4th Dec 2016)

Thank you, I've had these symptoms for years and my doctor and clinic haven't been able to help, I'll try your solutions and see how I get on

10 5Answered by Paul (member of the public) 27th January 2016 (edited 27th Jun 2016)

I get this to. It has started ever since I've had the snip, not sure if anyone else has noticed the same after becoming a Jaffa?????

8 4Answered by Tezza (member of the public) 18th February 2016 (edited 9th Jun 2016)

I'm 14 and this is happening though what should I do

9 6Answered by Rhys (member of the public) 5th March 2016 (edited 6th Feb 2017)

get checked for UREAPLASMA

7 7Answered by Doctor (member of the public) 23rd March 2016 (edited 9th Aug 2016)

I had this problem recently after masturbating less frequently. I decided to start masturbating more often before seeking medical advice. This stopped the gelatine lumps appearing

3 2Answered by Jake (member of the public) 26th April 2016 (edited 16th Jun 2016)

I have been trying to find this answer everywhere I've been searching for hours today while I was giving my boyfriend a little help I recognised these white chunks of stuff we both started freaking out. We thought it was some type on sti and we were to scared to tell our parents we need to go and get checked up as I am underaged. Should I still go and get a check up just in case?

0 0Answered by Iesha (member of the public) 18th June 2016

Do a internet search for "Amyloid polychondritis in semen".

3 0Answered by Sara (member of the public) 18th June 2016 (edited 29th Jun 2016)

Hi i am having the same problems too cause when i was younger i use to masturbate a lot 3years times a day, i have been wondering wat happen to me when i see these lumps but am glad to know am not the only one and that's normal, question dose this stop u from getting someone pregnant, and lower your sperm count?

3 0Answered by marlon (member of the public) 19th June 2016 (edited 3rd Nov 2016)

I masterbate 5 times a day im 35 years of age when was in my teen years and 20, 10 to 20 times a day so your saying my sperm is hard because I masterbate too much

0 1Answered by Oliver (member of the public) 26th June 2016 (edited 18th May 2017)

I masterbate 5 times a day im 35 years of age when was in my teen years and 20, 10 to 20 times a day so your saying my sperm is hard because I masterbate too much

0 1Answered by Oliver (member of the public) 26th June 2016 (edited 2nd Dec 2016)


0 0Answered by KYLE (member of the public) 20th November 2016

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Penis is not stand

Hi, i just got married 8 months ago. my sex life was very much ok. we intercourse every day with good feelings. Suddenly 4 days ago i realised my Penis is not standing while foreplay. I thought its normal but the next day also same thing happen. its now 4 days my penis is not stand. its not stand even 20 percent. seems no feelings in my Penis. i m worried about it that. Pls suggest me. and let me know is there is any issue.

Asked by Srikant on 29th October 2013 (in Sex) • Views: 68793

Tags: penis erection

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for getting in touch with us. What you are describing is a case of Erectile Dysfunction. This is when a man finds it difficult to get or maintain an erection. There are generally two types of ED, Physiological or Psychological. Physiological issues include - deterioration of the arteries (this is more common in older men), diabetes, smoking, alcoholism, overweight, hormone problems. Psychological issues include, Stress: which could be job related, money issues, relationship issues etc, Anxiety: Once a man experiences ED, he may become overly worried that the problem will happen again. This can lead to "performance anxiety," or a fear of sexual failure, and consistently lead to ED, Guilt: A man may feel guilty that he is not satisfying his partner, Depression : A common cause of ED, depression affects a person physically and psychologically. Depression can cause ED even when a man is completely comfortable in sexual situations. Drugs used to treat depression may also cause ED, Low self-esteem: This can be due to prior episodes of ED (thus a feeling of inadequacy) or can be the result of other issues unrelated to sexual performance, also Childhood abuse has been related to ED. Some men suffer with more than one of the above issues, as some of these cause some of the others to occur. Are you able to get an erection when you masturabte alone, if you are then it probably shows that there is nothing wrong physiologically with you and this it is more of a psychological issue. We would recommend speaking to your GP/Doctor so they can determine if it a physiological issue or a psychological issue. The best way to solve psychological ED is therapy with a professional counsellor sex therapist. Discussing you anxiety and fears and concerns will be a big step in dealing with them and overcoming them. Being open and honest with your partner will help this, and may benefit in both attending therapy. If its physiological they will be able to run the appropriate tests and prescribe the right course of treatment for this, please do not seek medications online, you risk being prescribed the wrong medicine or worse, purchasing fake medicine that could end up doing more harm than good, so please make an appointment with your own doctor. But based on what you have said in your question, its prob psychological, performance anxiety, so counselling may help. Please let us know if we can be of further help.

8 6Answered by team member Matt 1st November 2013 (edited 8th Jun 2016)

When I jack it out and the white thing is about to come out my penis hurts

2 1Answered by Ayaan (member of the public) 29th February 2016 (edited 24th Jun 2016)

To determine whether it is psychological you may want to focus on your train of thought. The only thing that should be in your head is what you are going to do with your partner, the touch and feel. You can get yourself turned on if you are good at picturing things and have a good imagination. Personally I use it both ways, this way I can control my ejaculation mentally. It prevents premature ejaculation and gets you ready faster.

0 0Answered by Kenn (member of the public) 6th July 2016

I may not have clarified enough. If you use the method I mentioned you must be able to think of specific things only. If you think "Am I doing this right?" you have failed already. My girlfriend says she can see it in my eyes clearly when I am focusing my thoughts on this.

1 1Answered by Kenn (member of the public) 6th July 2016 (edited 15th Nov 2016)

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Sperm comes very quickly

When mood comes to me and have sex the sperm comes out with in a min but my penis are tight and in good length

Asked by Hari (aged 20) from India on 12th November 2016 (in Health) • Views: 319

Tags: penis ejaculation premature ejaculation gay

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My penis gets errect at night and ejects sperm

When ever am in deep sleep my penis gets errects and sperm comes out

Asked by Ritesh (aged 28) from India on 28th January 2016 (in Sex) edited by MSH • Views: 917

Tags: penis ejaculation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi, this is a totally normal thing to happen and shows that you are healthy and everything is working normally. When we dream our bodies react to the dreams and we can get hard-ons / erections and sometimes ejaculate (sperm comes out) as well. There is nothing to worry about, even if it is sometimes inconvenient. You could try wanking / masturbating before going to sleep this sometimes reduces sperm coming out while you sleep.

1 0Answered by team member Douglas 29th January 2016 (edited 8th May 2016)

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No erections

No erections, not even excitement or sensation when a woman in room. I've used pumps, was told low t but in all Matters it isn't the low t I was 2.3 and last test was over the threshold with 2.9 .Ive used pumps, patches, rubs, All The pills and not a change now they want me to inject trimix into penis if not have surgery or implant that's about $25, 000 I'm 63 I'm on blood pressure Jed's, lipids after a heart triple by pass in 2000 that's 16 yrs ago I've asked to Be off of mess also on Ssri for anxiety and depression also on Jed's for epilepsy since I was 13. I honestly think mine is Caused by meds and psychological. But they as Drs and urologist says it's physical how can it be when I can't concentrate on making love.and touching her should be exciting and only thing on my mind.

Asked by Peter (aged 63) from Canada on 2nd October 2016 (in Health) • Views: 199

Tags: penis testing

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Occasional jelly like seminal discharge and a small lump

I'll keep this brief, but basically I have noticed that after peeing or sometimes just at random my penis may produce jelly like substances that are the same colour as the semen. This is not during any form of sexual act and it has never happened after ejaculation, it is always at a more random time. I have also found a small lump on the left of my groin in the fold between my groin and my leg. I am 17 so this could just be a normal spot but it doesn't share any of the symptoms that I associate with the usual spots, as there is no puss filled rise above the skin like normal, just a small area that has the same kind of hardness as a spot. I feel like I'm worrying about nothing, but even so, I'd like to know everything's okay. Ta!

Asked by Daniel (aged 17) from United Kingdom on 20th December 2016 (in Health) • Views: 126

Tags: penis penis size gelatine ejaculation spots discharge

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does masturbation result in protein loss and effect our body building?

Asked by arka (aged 23) on 29th January 2016 (in Sex) edited by MSH • Views: 347

Tags: masturbation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

The simple answer is no. Spunk does contain a very small amount of protein but tiny compared to the intake of protein in a normal diet. You can masturbate without worry: it will not affect your body building.

0 0Answered by team member Douglas 29th January 2016 (edited 13th Feb 2016)

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Spot of top of foreskin

15, virgin, flesh coloured spot towards top of foreskin, quite small and very slightly elavated, its been there for a while and is worrying me.....

Asked by Jake (aged 15) on 21st October 2016 (in Health) • Views: 152

Tags: foreskin penis size spots

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Water drop during erection and itchy top of penis

thanks for taking your time to read this messege. i have this problem from last many years i would say. whenever i get erection in a minute drops starts coming out of my penis , which firstly effect the erection and i Cum very fast . Also the top end of my penis (Glans) are is gets very itchy which seems to me very serious bcz of that i cant enjoy erection. i did too much masturbation as well.

Asked by shah on 6th July 2011 (in Sex) • Views: 5295

Tags: precum penis ejaculation premature ejaculation erection masturbation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thanks for getting in touch. It sounds like you are describing pre-cum, not all men get this, and those that do it can vary from just a little leak to a lot, but let me reasure you this is perfectly normall. Pre-cum is a clear fluid that emits from the tip of the penis when a man is sexually aroused, and its purpose is to act as a lubricant (please be aware this can transmit STI, HIV and can contain sperm if you are not using barrier methods such as condoms to have safe sex with). In very rare cases some men over produce this, if this is the case I would discuss with you GP if possible. Regarding the cumming very fast, this could be for various reasons, and I wouldn't say it has anything to do with your pre-cum. Many men suffer from Premature ejaculation, a recent UK survey said 10% of male population had suffered with PE at some point in their life. Another European study classed PE as lasting around 1.8 mins, and with 7.3 mins being classed as normal, would you say you fall into this first category as what you class as PE might not be PE. There are initially 4 treatments for PE - 1) Distraction method - when you are nearing climax, think about something comepletely different than whats going on. 2) Applying a delay gel to your penis, this will decrease sensitivity and hopefully improve your duration. 3) Delay condoms, this are coated with the delay gel and with the added thickness of the condom this too will help improve your duration. 4) start stop method - when alone try masterbating till u reach the point where you are going to climax but stop yourself, repeat this 3 or 4 times to build up your own self control, and then allow yourself to climax, after a few times a week doing this, you should find yourself lasting longer. Regarding the itchy end of your penis, if you masturbate too often then yes the penis could become sore, but there could also be other reasons, it could be a reaction to soap or cleaning product you are currently using, or it could be and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), again I would recommend going to you doctor/GP and explain your concerns and get tested as most STI's can be treated. Please get back to us if you still have any further concerns.

0 1Answered by team member Matt 7th July 2011 (edited 14th May 2016)

As far as the itchiness is concerned, you should use a creme called Man1 Man Oil. It is made just for guys who have injured themselves during masturbation or other sex acts. Simply rub it into your penis skin once a day and things will be a lot better. It's a very helpful product. Safe too. You can get it online.

0 0Answered by MikeH (member of the public) 29th November 2016

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My age is15 years i adapted to doing masterrubation

Asked by anonymous on 3rd May 2017 (in Health) • Views: 22

There are no responses to this question yet.

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How i got my ex back

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Asked by Kathryn (aged 32) on 13th December 2016 (in Health) • Views: 119

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Solid parts in semen

Hi I noticed that there is some solid yellow things in my semen , even when i mastirbutemore time thr number of these part grows,

Asked by Karim (aged 24) from United Kingdom on 24th May 2017 (in Health) • Views: 3

Tags: ejaculation yellow

There are no responses to this question yet.

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Asked by anonymous (aged 30) from United States on 11th January 2017 (in Health) • Views: 128

Tags: hiv herpes virus disease

There are no responses to this question yet.

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dr. i used to mastribute .. everything was going good.. but few days ago i realized that my dick is not erecting easily as it used to be.. why is this happening .. will it effect my sexual life as i am only 21 year old and unmarried

Asked by dev (aged 21) from India on 22nd November 2016 (in Health) • Views: 156

Tags: penis

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Precum after urinating

I'm 39 years old, this morning, I masturbated, then I went to the bathroom, urinated, went to the living room, sat down, and when I sat down, I leaked Precum Why did I leak Precum after I urinated?

Asked by James (aged 39) from United States on 21st November 2016 (in Health) • Views: 202

Tags: precum masturbation

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Male Chastity

When a male chastity device is worn and sex or orgasm is denied, how often should milking be performed.

Asked by anonymous on 4th September 2011 (in Sex) • Views: 3049

Tags: chastity

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

To keep the prostate healthy it is reccommended that at least once a week you should milk the prostate gland to allow the seminal fluids to drain through the penis - effectively pre-ejaculatory fluids - if left alone too long could develop bacteria and cause health issues.

0 0Answered by team member Matt 5th September 2011 (edited 13th Feb 2016)

Thank you for the reply and I will take that advice seriously, It's one thing to be put in chastity for sexual gratification, and to finish up with health issues would not be good. What are the health issues if your advice was ignored, I won't be ignoring your advice but would like to learn more, just for interest and i could also pass the information on to other chastity wearers I know.

0 0Answered by anonymous member of the public 6th September 2011 (edited 13th Feb 2016)

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Regarding the cleaning, a variety of bacterial infections could occur, including yeast infections, uriniary tract problems, which can lead to kindey infections, and the build up of smegma (the white substance) if not cleared away and cleaned could possibly lead to balanitis, this can depend of course if you are circumsised or not. Regarding the prostate, research has shown that having ejaculations reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer, if you look at our news item on the front page, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in Men. I hope this has helped inform you and others more. So long as you do clean the penis and milk the prostate, male chastity should be harmless.

0 0Answered by team member Matt 7th September 2011 (edited 13th Feb 2016)

I have a problem when I talk my girlfriend by mobile my peins small drop sperm small small drop always when I talk by phone. Plz tell me what should I do...I am worried about it....

1 0Answered by Tanveer (member of the public) 6th October 2016 (edited 13th Oct 2016)

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Sperm is not coming from penis while masturbation

hi i am 21 year old. sperm are not coming from penis when i masturbation but when i sleep in bed and when there is erection i rub my penis againsts bed for 4-5 min i got my sperm. whats the promblem why sperm doesn't come when i masturbation? please have me solution

Asked by sam (aged 21) from India on 22nd April 2016 (in Health) • Views: 593

Tags: penis ejaculation erection masturbation

Hello i am 24 year old.during erection when i shake my penish for long time dperm doesnot come outside.what should i fo?is it ok or not ok?tell me the solution plzzzzx

2 2Answered by joy (member of the public) 25th April 2016 (edited 3rd Apr 2017)