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Blood fliw with sperms durind masturbation

when I masturbate blood flow with sperms is there any problem please tell me .it us first time when blood flow wuth sperms

Asked by sid
10th October 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: masturbation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

It sounds most likely that you may have a condition called "haematospermia". There are a number of causes for this, but in a younger man it isn’t often serious. Leakage of blood into your sperm from small capillaries is the commonest cause. The blood itself can irritate the urethra (pee tube) as you ejaculate, causing some pain.

We cannot tell you if your case is one of the rare ones which might be more serious so you ought to see your own doctor for a check. Depending on the findings you might need to see a specialist, but if nothing is found and you have had no more than 3 episodes of blood in a month, you will probably not need any treatment.  In a man over 40 it is always recommended that you see a doctor for a specialist opinion

It sounds as if you have been masturbating but have not had any sexual partners. However if you have had sex with someone it may still be worth considering whether you might have an infection. This is not something to worry about but you would also to visit your doctor or a sexual health clinic, GUM or STD or STI clinic to get this sort of check. Living with an infection is not a good idea as it can cause problems later in life. Remember that doctors are used to talking about sexual questions and would much prefer you talk to them than worry.

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
8th December 2015

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