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I m 20 yr old

i m 20 yrs old.me n my girlfriend were standing in intimate position.she touched my penis.then i touched her pussy.after that she told me that if the liquid from my penis touched her pussy through my hand than she will get pregnant.is it possible? i m sure that no liquid is there on my hand from my penis. bt she doubtful.so i m worried. plz help us.?? can we check pregnancy right now.?plz rply fast. i m worried.

Asked by milind
7th November 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: penis premature ejaculation masturbation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello, thanks for getting in touch with us. When a men is sexually excited he can produce a liquid called pre-cum before he ejaculates, this is perfectly normal and is the bodies natural lubricant. In this liquid it is possible to find sperm, so yes there is a very small chance, and the best way to reduce this happening next time is to wear a condom, as pre-cum can also contain Sexually Transmitted infections and HIV, so unless you have never had unsafe sex, are a virgin or have been tested and are clear of any STI's then we recommend using condoms untill you are both tested clear. Although it is very unlikely she will be Pregnant from what has happened you can either buy a home pregnancy kit or go to your gp/doctor. We hope this has helped with your concern

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Answered by team member Matt
8th November 2013

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