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Low semens output

i am 33, not married, i use to masturbate daily, morning i masturbate and evening also i tried to masturbate. i am unable to cum out. Production sperm is very less for me. sometimes semens looks transparent. suggest me a solution. And also i am sffraid of my penis length & thickness, it is very thin & length is just 3inch after expansion. help me to increase the length & thickness of my penis.

Asked by Triambikaraj
9th July 2013 (in Health)

Tags: penis penis size ejaculation masturbation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for getting in touch with us at MSH. Men's production of semen get refiled fairly quickly in a 24hr period, but of course the more times you have sex or masturbate without a long period of time the less sperm will come out each time till you let testicles recover and produce more. Give it a couple of days break and you should find your quantity of sperm returning to normal. You can also increase your sperm but eating a healthy balanced diet, drinking plenty of fluids and being physically active. Regarding your other issue this is a very common question on our Q&A. What you think as small may not be small. Many men would like to increase the size of their penis as penis size is one of the biggest male concerns, nearly all men worry at some stage in their life about the size of their penis. A lot of it can be due to watching porn and seeing how big other men are, but men in porn tend to always be very well hung and that is why they use them in porn. Some men are so unsatisfied it can cause them great distress and make them seek out ways to increase their size. Please ignore any adverts you find on the internet, in magazines or emails claiming to make your penis bigger via any form of pills, you could be putting yourself in more harm and these pills do not work. The only way to change the size of your penis is through surgery and this is extremely risky and could result in you unable to get an erection. The male penis comes in all shapes and sizes, all over the world there are different sizes, for example in India the average size is 4 inches, the UK is 5.5 and the congo in Africa is 7. We are all built differently and never let someone make you feel inadequate with what you have, people fall in love with the person not the penis. There are many different positions you can try with a partner so that you are both sexually satisfied, experiment and see what works best for you. You may benefit from some form of sexual counselling if it is affecting your life a lot. We hope this has helped, please get in touch if you need further advice.

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Answered by team member Matt
11th July 2013

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