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Lump of clear jelly in urine stream

Hi, For the last year or two, I have had a large lump of clear jelly like substance passing during or at the end of my urine stream. Sometimes it even comes out a few minutes after urinating. I don't experience any pain during urination or ejaculation whatsoever, but am concerned as to what this could be. I have been tested for STIs and I am all clear. I briefly mentioned this to my GP and he didn't think it was anything to worry about, although couldn't give me an explanation either. Any ideas??

Asked by Jim (aged 31) from United Kingdom
1st January 2016 (in Health)

Tags: gelatine ejaculation gay sti

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

This sounds like a function of your sexual organs: the prostate produces liquids, as do the testicles it is most probably from them. You have done the right things by going to your sexual health clinic and being checked for STIs and to your GP. If the problem persists and it continues to worry you it might be worth trying to catch one of these lumps in a clean jam jar and taking it to your GP. Yes, this is much easier said than done!

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Answered by team member Douglas
11th January 2016

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