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i want to know is it possible to catch any disease or virus if we just kiss the vagina/anal areas and and lick just outside and not inside.

Asked by anonymous
25th November 2009 (in Sex)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

There are several risks involved in the licking and kissing of virginal/anal areas of the body, especially internal licking. One of the most common infections is Hepatitis B, which can be contracted from any residue faecal matter, especially around the anal area. You could also contract Chlamydia, which is a bacterial infection and is on the increase in the UK and can be caught through licking (Remember a high percentage of people with Chlamydia do not display any symptoms). Unfortunately most STIs (sexually Transmitted Infections) can also be caught through oral sex, which you should be aware of; but you also have to bear in mind that many people do enjoy oral sex without any complications or contracting infections. On our website we have a comprehensive guide to all the possible STI’s which we would recommend you look at so that you can decide for yourselves the risks involved.

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Answered by team member Tim
3rd December 2009

Azithromycin is the main treatment for Chlamydia

1 gram – single dose Efficacious and well tolerated Highly effective ( 95%) and compliance high

You take two tablets together and these get to work in the system and after about 7 days the infection is cleared it is recomended that poeple abstain from sexual contact until both partners are 7 days post treatment. For further information on Chlamydia see www.itsbesttotest.nhs.uk or contact the screening team on info@itsbesttotest.nhs.uk

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Answered by Tracy Daszkiewicz
5th January 2010

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