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Sore on tip of penis

I am a 35 yr old man with what looks like a cold sore on the tip off my penis which feels like a small cut which sometimes feels itchy and tingly. Could u tell me what this might be and what I can use to treat it. Thanks

Asked by J
6th March 2011 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

There are a number of reasons you could have the symptoms you describe, and the only way to have a proper diagnosis is to go to your local Sexual Health Clinic, as it may well be a STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection). Please be assured that the clinicians deal with problems like this every day and should be able to offer you an appointment quickly. It is important to be seen soon, especially when the symptoms are present. In some cases, the symptoms may go away, but you may still carry the infection and it may flare up again. We cannot advise what you may be suffering from, nor advocate self-treatment without having a proper diagnosis. We can offer a buddying service, so you do not have to go to the appointment on your own if this concerns you. Please contact us so we can discuss this further: 01380 801 951

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Answered by team member Mara
8th March 2011

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