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Spontaneous ejaculation

When I'm anxious or excited I quite often have a spontaneous ejaculation. It can be as simple as a stressful email at work, or if I think I'm going to miss the bus or something. I'm not saying that it happens every time something like that happens, but it does happen quite often, maybe a couple of times a month. I don't have an erection or anything when it happens. It can be quite awkward if I'm talking to someone or something, and I can't get to the toilet in time. This has been happening for years, on and off (I'm 35 now and I think it first happened during my exams, so I think it is more mental than physical). I take a spare pair of boxer shorts to work because of it, it happens so often. This doesn't happen when I have sexual thoughts, but I have a couple of sort of fetishes which can set it off. So, should I be worried? Anything I can do?

Asked by Dave
10th June 2009 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi Dave,

Thanks for coming to us with your concern. This is obviously a serious problem for you, effecting you not only physically, but mentally and no doubt emotionally as well. There are many factors to take into consideration when trying to understand what the cause of spontaneous ejaculation could be, from physical to psychological to stimulation and medication, among other things. Though you've given a description of your problem, there are still many questions to be asked in order to get an idea which direction one would need to look for an answer.

Sometimes, these kind of problems can be linked to issues with an enlarged prostate, however, this generally happens to older men, and, as this has been going on since what appears to be your teens, it's probably not likely. Some medications (including antidepressants) can have the side effect of spontaneous ejaculation. It could be something as simple as too much stimulation that you're not aware of. Perhaps if you switched to briefs instead of boxers it might help. It is difficult to advise you with any kind of certainty as to the definate cause. The best course of action is for you to visit your GP who will be able to take a medical history and ask all the necessary questions, before advising you in this case. Hope this helps. Please let us know the outcome, as we are very curious ourselves.

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Answered by team member Mara
29th September 2010

Ok, thanks for your reply, not sure if I should be flattered or concerned that I seem to be a medical curiosity! I'm not sure if I want to bother a doctor about this, as aside from the embarrassment of describing it face to face it does not seem to be life threatening. I was sort of hoping it was common and only I did not know about it! If I do go to the Doctors and they can tell me exactly what is going on I will let you know.

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Answered by Dave
30th September 2010

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Well, we wouldn't call you a medical curiosity, but it would be interesting to know what the underlying cause is, especially in case anyone else came along who suffered the same problem! As for bothering your doctor, don't worry about that, you have a genuine concern. It would be best to have this looked at sooner rather than later. Though the condition may not bother you now, it may become more difficult to cope with as you age. From what you describe, it doesn't seem to show signs of letting up. GP's are used to patients being uncomfortable with discussing certain issues and should handle the situation professionally in a way to put you at ease. Men can be notoriously reluctant to visit medical professionals when it comes to their health... So, it's part of our job to give you a gentle nudge to make that dreaded appointment... We look forward to hearing from you again!

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Answered by team member Mara
30th September 2010

I am on doxycyclene right now for a testicular infection. upon taking the second pill this morning I had two spontaneous full on orgasms within 15 mins of each other. I have never had this happen before.Maybe you should get checked out.You may have a simple to cure infection.Im going to check with my GP to make sure this is normal.

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Answered by steve
18th January 2013

Hi, it's very interesting to read your mail. I also have spontaneous ejacualtions sometimes. They can happen anytime anywhere ... and can be embarrassing too, so I really understand how you feel. I "deal with it" the same way, bring extra underwear and change. I didnt want to ask the Dr as it's not like I'm sick or anything. I?m just trying to get on with it

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Answered by Luke
2nd June 2013

This sort of thing happens to me too (almost). It's only ever full on happened twice and both times it was when I was rushing to get something done. The first was in 8th grade (yeah...) trying to finish an art project before the bell rang. Luckily it was the end of the day and I had dark pants but it happened again freshman year of high school trying to finish an essay before the bell. It was 2nd period and I was wearing khakis. How there was no stain was a miracle. But every so often when I'm in a situation with high anxiety (performing, pressured situations of waiting, being with a girl I'm not comfortable around) I can feel it about to happen and a little leaks out. I usually dig my nails into my palms, arms, and back of my hands, hoping I can focus on the pain to reduce the feeling of ejaculation. I'm 19 going on 20 now and I want to know how to stop this because it BLOWS.

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Answered by Erik
6th August 2013

I had the same problem during my teens. My first experience was during exams, the last minute and haven't finished writing. I shot a load on my pants and had to rush to the toilet and deliberately spoil water over my pants to disguise it. Now I'm 40 and never had it since although I have had close encounters.... I thought I was the only one and this its my first tonne I've seek answers about. Unfortunately seemingly there's no medical explanation of the cause.

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Answered by Bhutini
13th August 2013

Hi, I had this happen to me when I was teenager now 50, but it use to happen to me while taking an exam. During final minutes and I had not finish yet, just the rush of not being done yet and they wher e going to take the tests away from us would make me heave an orgasm. Sometimes more than one. I'll say that it wasn't unpleasant, by the contrary I enjoyed it. It continued during college. Now not anymore since I dont take tests, but I wish I could feel this again. I have searched for other thrills, but nothing compares to the test taking. Just my grain of salt

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Answered by Bukake
15th November 2013

yes i have had the same problem for years, but much worse, and it has

affected my career. I've seen a neurologist about it who said it was

similar to premature ejaculation (but it isnt sexually aroused), but

there is a new medication out now called silodosin, after a case in


I first had a spontaneous ejaculation at 14 in an exam. No sexual

thoughts are involved. After that, all my exams were suspect, and it

happened several other times, forcing me to take extra clothes to

school. It then spread to public speaking, where i have had to curtail

my career. At university i couldnt do any presentations, despite being

an able student and good speaker. I am now in my 40s.

The problem doesnt respond to efforts to reduce, despite much effot,

as i think it acts much like sweating, it is a physical neurological

response to a stimuli, usually fear or stress, much like the body

responds to heat with sweat. In my view it is not curable once

learned. fear or it occurring is enough for it to occur. Fear of

ejaculation-causes ejaculation.

The medical establishment is not very aware of this problem, but there

is a paper about the drug silodosin which someone directed me to,

which makes dry ejaculations, which at least stops the wetness and


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Answered by thingadonta1
15th February 2016

There are a lot of real stories like yours, with orgasms induced by stress during exams. It is not a medical case, in my humble opinion, it is more a very nice gift of our mind/body while we are in a very difficult situation.

It happened to me several times during one or two hours, when I was 11 or 12, being very scarred that my bike was stolen by a friend, who actually asked me to let him have a ride with my new bike. He was gone for 15-20 min, and I started to be very anxious/scared, and suddenly a very pleasurable feeling in my pants, even without erection, gave me a strong orgasm... It was sooo good that I had to touch my penis trying somehow to stop it. And after several more minutes another one came, intense, and another one... countless orgasms, without feeling exhausted as when I cum during masturbation. Finally, when my friend came back with my bike, I was a bit sad that the pleasurable experience stopped.

Another story of these non-sexual and non-masturbating orgasms of mine was the intense climax during climbing a pole in the school yard, again at the age of 12 approx. There was no touching of my penis to the pole, no rubbing at all, nit even erection. This was more easy to reproduce, and even tell to my best friends how good it feels if you try to climb the pole several times. Later, when I was around 14, I Climbed again that pole, late in the afternoon, when nobody was looking, and when suddenly the good intense feeling approached, very quickly I took out my penis from the short pants and ejaculated in the air...

There was also no erection, no sex thoughts, nothing. Just a pure orgasm coming from nowhere.

I believe we are special and lucky to experience such feelings.

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Answered by Dan
11th August 2016

Same thing happened to me when I was 14 yo. I am 57 yo male.

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Answered by anonymous
10th September 2016

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