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Stop wife getting pregnant?

Hi my name is Raza 24 year old my Q is, its my 1st marriage and i dont want my wife to get Pregnant than how can i stop cum?

Asked by Raza
20th December 2012 (in Sex)

Tags: ejaculation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi and thank you for getting in touch with Men's Sexual Health. There is a variety of ways to prevent getting pregnant, all of which should be discussed with your partner.

The list includes:

Contraceptive vaginal ring,

Contraceptive patch,

Combined pill,

Progestogen-only pill,

Male condom,

Female condom,

Diaphragm/cap with spermicide,

Natural family planning,

Contraceptive injection,


Intrauterine system (IUS),

Intrauterine device (IUD),

Female sterilisation (tubal occlusion),

Male sterilisation (vasectomy).

As there are so many options, it would take us a long time explain them all, and how effective each is. So if you don't mind, please use these links that take you to the family planning website where it goes into detail about each one.




We would advice you seeking professional advice and booking in at a clinic where they can go through these options and answer any questions you may have about them. We hope this has helped, please do get back in touch if you need to.

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Answered by team member Matt
20th December 2012

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