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Why do my friend men cum a lot at one thime

Its just every time we have sex he cum alot sn can start right back like he havent did nothing..please help me understand r is it that he married an dnt get sex from his wife..an the times he comes in see me its so much an warm at that..allso he wanted to no so i ask...

Asked by Kim
7th October 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: ejaculation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for getting in touch with us. All men find different sexual experiences will effect them differently, how excited they are, how long they can perform for, it comes down to so many things, how comfortable and relaxed they are with that person, if they've had a drink, if they are stressed etc. He may not enjoy having sex with his wife any more, so the activity isn't fun and so his orgasm isn't as intense so he doesn't cum as much. Clearly he enjoys the sex with you if he is cuming more and is still hard or keen to have sex again after, the mind and the body reacts differently to each sexual encounter, he clearly enjoys it with you and has the stamina to have it more than once. I think that is why he is cums more and can start right back. We hope this has helped with your question

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Answered by team member Matt
15th October 2013

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