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First gay 'divorce'

A lesbian couple from Kent are believed to have become the first in the country to ask for their Civil Partnership to be dissolved. Daphne Ligthart, 36 and Liz King, 40, registered in Ashford on February 11th.

Ligthart told the Sun, “Liz told me she didn't love me any more, that she hadn't done for years. I was absolutely flabbergasted. I asked her why she'd gone through with the wedding and she said it was to make me happy. But it was all her idea.” She said King had started seeing another woman in March.

King told the newspaper, “I've nothing to say except that I feel sorry for Daphne at this time”.

Under the rules of the Civil Partnership Act, the couple will have to wait until next February, one year since they registered, before they can apply to the courts for a “divorce”.

Story from Gay Times -