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PrEP support expands

Image: GMFA
Image: GMFA

A new article from NAM details how more sexual health clinics are offering clinical support (kidney function tests) to those people who are taking PrEP purchased outside of the UK, with one clinic offering free therapeutic drug monitoring which checks how much of the drug is actually in the body. This has two advantages: it proves the drug being bought from overseas is genuine and that the individual's body is able to maintain a drug level capable of blocking HIV if exposed.

The article also offers reassurance that the Cipla generic version of Truvada, the drug used in PrEP, has been tested and approved by the FDA (american drug approval agency).

Also this week, GMFA's FS magazine surveyed over 3,100 gay and bisexual men and found:

  • 44% of HIV-negative men would not have sex with an openly HIV-positive man.
  • Up to 49% did not know what HIV-undetectable means.
  • 31% did not know what PrEP is (though when the survey explained what PrEP is, 71% of gay men said they would use it).
  • 51% were worried about becoming HIV-positive.

I have also updated my PrEP blog this week.