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Fluid at the time of foreplay.

Hi, I am 25 yr man. I hav a good sex life. The only problem I have is my penis discharges a sticky fluid when I am aroused. Initially I use to feel that's normal and natural. But now since I have changed numerous partners I realize that its not normal. They all ask me what's that? Coz they hav never seen that before. They also hesitate to give me a blow job and I feel worse? Please explain in detail and tell me if this can be stopped?

Asked by Rustam
22nd January 2013 (in Health)

Tags: penis

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thank you for getting in touch with Men's Sexual Health. What it sounds like you are describing is Pre-Cum, this is a substance that the penis produces when you are feeling sexually aroused and is perfectly normal. Not all men will get pre-cum and the amount can vary for those that do get it. So it is possible the partners you encounter have met men who don't get pre-cum when aroused. Re-assure them it is normal, it is just the penis producing its natural lubricant for sexual activity. However please let me make you aware of some facts about pre-cum. You are able to get a woman pregnant with pre-cum if you pull out before you ejaculate, as sperm can be found in pre-cum, also sexually transmitted infections, and HIV can be passed on in pre-cum, the only way to prevent this is to wear a condom. If you are having a good sex life with numerous partners, it is always best to wear a condom with each one, the more people you sleep with, the more risk you put yourself and them of passing or catching a Sexually transmitted infection. Even with blow jobs you risk passing or catching something, so try flavoured condoms for oral sex, condoms will also prevent any partner being concerned about the pre-cum issue.

Although you don't mention any other signs or symptoms, there is a small chance that you may already have an Sexually Transmitted infection because a discharge from the penis can be a sign of an infection, if that discharge isn't pre-cum. As you are asking advice without a medical exam we can't rule this out hence why we are also mentioning this issue. The fact you have also had a lot of sex with different partners is also another reason we would deferentially recommend you booking in at a sexual health clinic to be tested for all Sexually transmitted infections and HIV, it is better to be safe and responsible and get the medicine than to be ignorant and keep passing something on. If you live in the Swindon area please remember you can order free condoms from our website, or if you need help booking in for a sexual health test do please let us know.

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Answered by team member Matt
22nd January 2013

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