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How to stop pre-ejaculation/water like sticky staff while chatting with girlfriend

Hello, I'm 27 now, 5'6" and 60kg. I didn't have sex with anybody. A bit quite mannered. I don't drink or smoke. My problem is when I talk or chat with my Girlfriend, precum or water like sticky staffs come. My pants become wet. Its really embarrassing to me. I don't think about sex even while talk or chat. Then, why its happening? How can I get rid of this problem, please tell me. I'll be really greatful. Thank you.

Asked by John
5th December 2010 (in Health)

Tags: precum

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

When a man is sexually excited, it is normal for a small amount of fluid to leak from the penis. This fluid is known as pre-ejaculate, preseminal fluid or more commonly, pre-come/precum, is different from ejaculate, which usually comes with orgasm. As this precome occurs when a man is becoming aroused, it is not normally considered a problem. Sometimes, men with prostate problems can have excessive leakage which may be considered for treatment. In your case, it sounds as though you are young and healthy, so are unlikey to be experiencing prostate issues. Most likely, what you are experiencing would be considered normal, however, the difficulty is that you state you are just talking to your girlfriend, and that it isn't sexual. It could be that on a subconcious level, your talks with her are arousing, thus triggering this kind of response for your body. Loving and affectionate talk could have a reaction similar to arousal. I am sorry I can't recommend anything to stop this from happening, but can assure you it does not seem out of the ordinary. If this is still causing you concern, please book an appointment to go see your GP who will try to help you further with this.

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Answered by team member Mara
8th December 2010

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