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Involuntary ejaculation

My husband is nearly 52 and for six months or more has found that he ejaculates two or three times a day without an erection or any stimulation. He may just be doing some work in the house with no sexual thoughts. He has always been highly sexed and this has not changed as he ages but he is finding this problem uncomfortable. It doesn't happen every day but it can also make it harder to ejaculate during sex.

Asked by MrsFrog
10th June 2009 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Given your husband's age combined with the symptom of spontaneous ejaculation, the most likely cause of his problem is an enlarged prostate, resulting on oversensitivity. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is a condition in which the prostate becomes enlarged as part of the aging process. Most commonly, it effects urination, often restricting the flow, or even in later stages, contributing to UTI's. When the Prostate, also referred to as 'the Male G-Spot' is stimulated or massaged, it can result in an orgasm without an erection. If your husband is doing work that requires abdominal loading or pelvic straining, it may be putting pressure on his potentially enlarged prostate, thus resulting in ejaculation. As for the difficulty ejaculating during sex, normally BHP would result in easier to attain ejaculation; however, it could be restricting with an erection.

Being highly sexed is a good thing for your husband. Regular ejaculation allows testosterone to flow freely and is known to reduce the risk of prostate problems and cancer in men. Masturbation is sometimes recommended for men who experience delayed ejaculation issues.

The best course of action is for your husband to speak to his GP. He will need to go further into detail about what kind of activities bring on ejaculation and if he is taking any kind of medication. Please encourage him to visit his GP as soon as he can. We’d love to hear back from you to find out what the final diagnosis is. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if we can be of any help.

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Answered by team member Mara
21st June 2010

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