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My pennis tip has become Red

Hi Sir, I am 27 year old and married before 16 months.I was having foreskin problem and in last december suddenly my foreskin teared and it was bleeding then I went a doctor immediately.He told that It is Phimosis and since the skin is teared and it is ok now ..so asked me to use ayurvedic medicine just to avoid any further infection.After a month..the skin healed and i have started doing sex from jan onwards and i had no problem with my foreskin or sex..everything is ok now.But the tip of my pennis around the urethra is RED and is not cured even though I use lot of anti-fungal creams.Please advise a nice medicine for it.

Asked by Nagaraju
15th July 2013 (in Health)

Tags: foreskin glands red

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thank you for getting in touch with us. Phimosis can be tricky to treat, as it can return. I don't know if the damage it caused from when you were first infected has not been completely healed or if it can be. Due to already having been prescribed something from your doctor, and the fact we do not ever prescribe medicines, we suggest you go back to your doctor and address this issue with him and see what he can do to treat your penis tip. Sorry we couldn't offer more advice, we hope you understand in this instance.

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Answered by team member Matt
15th July 2013

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