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Penis discomfort

I had a drunken one night stand about 2 weeks ago - unprotected vaginal sex. I'm 37. The day after there was a tingling sensation in my penis which disappeared after a few days but has since returned after having protected sex. It's not constant and not particularly painful but slightly uncomfortable. It feels like it's at the tip of the penis. I have had no other STD type symptoms (no pain during urination / ejaculation, no discharge etc). I am very worried I have an STD though - does it sound like I could have? If I gonfor a test, what should I get tested for with this symptom? Thanks. E

Asked by E
19th February 2015 (in Health)

Tags: penis glands ejaculation erection unprotected testing sti discharge

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

You are right to wonder whether you may have an infection and we would suggest that you should get checked.

There are several types of STI that you can get, and in some cases you don’t even notice any symptoms although you can still pass it on as well as getting complications yourself later.

You don’t need to worry about what to get tested for – all the clinics will know what to test for.

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
8th December 2015

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