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20 per cent of men with eating disorders are gay

"Gay men are particularly vulnerable to bulimia, 20 per cent of men with eating problems are gay..."

It seems that body issues such as anorexia, body dysmorphic disorder and bulimia are becoming more common among men. The debate continues to rage on about whether the 'Muscle Mary is Dead' or 'Long Live Size Zero'. Surely we should be focusing on health rather than how we, or other people expect us, to look.

Studies have found that gay men are more likely to develop bulimia as a result of low self-esteem and dissatisfaction with their bodies and are also more likely to worry about their bodies in the first place.

One of the problems men face unfortunately is that GPs are less likely to diagnose men with an eating disorder than women, even when presented with the same symptoms. This lack of recognition means it is more difficult for men to get specialist help.

It's possible that the true figure (due to the above) of men affected by bulimia is far higher, as men are less likely to admit to the condition. This must change.

We are highlighting this problem on our website which hopefully will encourage gay men affected by these conditions to openly talk to their friends, families and GPs without being afraid of stigma.

So if you are, or know of, someone who needs help then email or telephone us.