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Condoms - Does Size Really Matter?!

Condoms are an important part of a good healthy and safe sex life, so it’s important that you find the right one, just like you would with any other safety equipment you would plan to purchase. Most men would admit they don’t know much about the condoms they buy or the different types and sizes that are available to them, and yet most have had experiences where the condom has either fallen off, or split, both of which could lead to possible infection if one partner was infected.

Most condoms will fit people length wise, because if you continue to roll out a condom you will see they are long enough for nearly all men. However the width (girth) does vary and this is the important part to measure.

If you have a tape measure to hand, next time you are alone and erect, measure your width and this general guide should help you to find the right size condom for you.

If you are under 12cm circumference round then you will most likely suit a Trim fit condom, 12-13cm then a regular size condom will probably suit you, 13-14cm then a large size condom would suit you and anything over 14cm you should go for a king size condom.

Remember this is just a guide, if when you have measured for some reason it still doesn’t fit, then go for the next size up or down accordingly.  Also different companies who make condoms have different sizes in each type, so one company’s version of trim might be bigger or smaller than another different company’s trim.

So the best thing to do is go out and buy a good selection of sizes and brands and go home and have some fun by yourself to find the best one, that way when it comes to using them with someone else, there will be less fumbling and concerns of it falling off or splitting. A lot of men worry over penis size and will over estimate and purchase a size too big, it’s better to be honest and get the size that really represents what you have, it’s important to be safe when having sex to reduce risk of transmission of STI's, HIV and preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Other things to remember when it comes to condoms: make sure the foil is intact, there should be a feel of air in the foil pack; check the expiry date is fine and that is has the BSi Kitemark and CE mark, this is especially important if you are travelling abroad, so ensure you purchase before you leave if you can. Finally make sure you have a water based lube to accompany your condom, this again will reduce the risk of tearing the condom.

If you happen to live in Swindon then you can order free condoms and lube from our website, just click on the link at the top right of the main website page. Any orders outside of Swindon will not be sent, and only one order per month.