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Sexual Health Week

September 12th - 16th is National Sexual Health Week, an annual campaign run by the FPA (Family Planning Association) which has a different theme every year. This year it’s The Facts of Life Campaign. It is attempting to address to issue around parents and careers who find it difficult to discuss sex and relationships with their children. In a survey nearly half (44%) of parents said they'd given no or very little information to their children about the facts of life, with the most common responses concerns being "What should I tell them at this age? Will I know the answer? I’m embarrassed to talk about it"

If you visit the FPA website, they are hoping to help anyone who needs it to build up the confidence to discuss this important issue with their children and they have produce a downloadable guide for you to use

Do you find it difficult to discuss such topics with your children? Do you have any tips for other parents? Or what do you remember about how your parents informed you when you were a child? Add a comment below to let others know.