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Gelatine lumps in semen

For the last six months I have been noticing these gelatine lumps in my semen, I can feel them coming out during ejaculation, I've had a sti test and it was negative over the months it has started to get worse now I get a mild pain before ejaculation and my semen is thick almost gel like I am very concerned and have also noticed white pearly penile papules around my penis any idea what it might be. Diet? Infection? Irregular ejaculation?

Asked by Ricky
10th June 2009 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thank you for getting in touch with us here at Men's Sexual Health. Firstly there's a wide range of texture, odor, and taste in normal and healthy semen. There is even variation in color, including opaque white, transparent, and yellowish. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as diet, lifestyle and alcohol consumption and even lack of regular ejaculations. This is a common question asked on our Q&A, so please do not feel alone, a lot of men have suffered from this issue.

From our knowledge, sometimes the causes of jelly-like sperm is the massive concentration of protein compound of your sperm in your testicular sperm bank, usually those teens that masturbate actively for years and suddenly refrain from doing it have a greater chance of having this stuff(though its normal). Because during the time your still active in masturbation your testicles produces more sperm so it needs sugar and protein to produce a liquid substances wherein your sperm swam. So your brain may senses that during your frequent masturbation or sex maybe, it send a message to your testicles to produce more of these substances. Consequently, to the certain point of time you did not masturbate for along period, the sperm and protein base liquid in your testicles may over reproduce and the tendency of this if you were unable to let it ejaculate, it will accumulate in your testicles and becomes highly concentrated. Subsequently this causes your sperm to look like a jelly - like substance...its normal as long its color varies from white to yellowish and no blood or black or green.

Some people find drinking more water, drinking less alcohol and masterbating more often sometimes solves the problem.

You say you went for an STI test, did you discuss with the clinic about your sperm issue and what did they suggest? The fact that you are experiencing pain however we would suggest you see you local GP/Doctor to discuss this further to rule out any other underlying condition.

Regarding your white pearly penile papules, the fact you know what they are called shows you have done your research. This are perfectly normal, nearly all men have these, some have more and bigger than others, this are just the glans of the penis and should not be worries about, again the fact you have had a STI test confirms these are unlikely to be anything other than your glans. Please do get back in touch if things don't improve.

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Answered by team member Matt
30th January 2013

But sometimes I feel a little. Itching around the cap I thought it was infection but I got treated then I got this tiny rough pause on my cap what can this be because I did blood test and I was okay

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Answered by patrick
31st July 2014

Ty for clearing this up as I have the same issue and was rather concerned

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Answered by mercer
25th August 2015

i fel the same way too. i masturbate 3 times a week then one day i notice a yellowish in my cum too.

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Answered by papado
14th November 2015

I think best answer is available on

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Answered by Dowell48
26th November 2015

thanks for the answer i was having the same issues

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Answered by dalton
4th January 2016

You hit the nail on the head. I was a horny lil fucker my teen years and i was really familiar with the attic. Then i was hospitalized in my late 20's and also became depressed. Consequently my right hand man and i slowly drifted apart. As things got increasing better " purchased a smart phone, with clear picture and sound. Lets just say I wasn't haveing trouble keeping myself enertained when i had some free time. But as stated especially my first time, if i had milk and a GOOD vanilla... well i guess now its your preference i happen to be a custard guy. Not to say there's anything wrong with flan. All jokeing aside a better diet and most importantly routine master baking really does help.

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Answered by Bear
24th January 2016

Thank you, I've had these symptoms for years and my doctor and clinic haven't been able to help, I'll try your solutions and see how I get on

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Answered by Paul
27th January 2016

I get this to. It has started ever since I've had the snip, not sure if anyone else has noticed the same after becoming a Jaffa?????

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Answered by Tezza
18th February 2016

I'm 14 and this is happening though what should I do

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Answered by Rhys
5th March 2016

get checked for UREAPLASMA

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Answered by Doctor
23rd March 2016

I had this problem recently after masturbating less frequently. I decided to start masturbating more often before seeking medical advice. This stopped the gelatine lumps appearing

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Answered by Jake
26th April 2016

I have been trying to find this answer everywhere I've been searching for hours today while I was giving my boyfriend a little help I recognised these white chunks of stuff we both started freaking out. We thought it was some type on sti and we were to scared to tell our parents we need to go and get checked up as I am underaged. Should I still go and get a check up just in case?

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Answered by Iesha
18th June 2016

Do a internet search for "Amyloid polychondritis in semen".

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Answered by Sara
18th June 2016

Hi i am having the same problems too cause when i was younger i use to masturbate a lot 3years times a day, i have been wondering wat happen to me when i see these lumps but am glad to know am not the only one and that's normal, question dose this stop u from getting someone pregnant, and lower your sperm count?

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Answered by marlon
19th June 2016

I masterbate 5 times a day im 35 years of age when was in my teen years and 20, 10 to 20 times a day so your saying my sperm is hard because I masterbate too much

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Answered by Oliver
26th June 2016

I masterbate 5 times a day im 35 years of age when was in my teen years and 20, 10 to 20 times a day so your saying my sperm is hard because I masterbate too much

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Answered by Oliver
26th June 2016

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Untreatable chlamydia

My partner who is a 36 year old male has been suffering with chlamydia for three years now. He has been on at least 5 courses of antibiotics over the last year but is still testing positive for it. It might be important to note that it was only detectable in a blood test and not in the urine. Symptoms include sever pain when penis is becoming erect, pain on ejaculation and after sexual intercourse in the penis. There is also pain while urinating. Why is this infection not getting cured with the antibiotics? Could it be something else and how else can he go about treating it? Thanks

Asked by Lani
23rd October 2009 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

As you've not mentioned it, can you please tell us if you have been receiving treatment at the same time. Also, though treatment is often a single dose of antibiotic, he must abstain from sexual activity for one week after taking it. Has this been the case? Is it possible you are passing it back and forth between yourselves? That would seem the simple answer, so please confirm you are taking neccessary precautions.

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Answered by team member Mara
25th October 2009

Hi Mara,

Thank you for your reply. My partner and i are actually in different countries at the moment so passing it back and forth between us is impossible.

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Answered by Lani
17th November 2009

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

You have stated that the Chlamydia is only showing up in blood tests, so it is just possible that what you partner is not actually infected with the Chlamydia Trachomatis bacterium, but the residue DNA from the original infection in his blood stream; this is quite rare, but not unheard of. If this is the case, then treatment is quite difficult, as he would need regular blood tests and only when the DNA count is low, would the doctor prescribe specific medication, and this would need be done two or three times before the blood is cleared of the residue DNA. The other aspect is that you have said your partner is in another country, though treatment for Chlamydia is quite universal today, there is evidence that show that in some countries not all antibiotics are as strong as they should be, or that the need to complete the full course is advised.

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Answered by team member Tim
3rd December 2009

I had recurring chlamydia that was actually where it had infected my prostate which was harder to cure apparently. Went in the end though with long course of antibiotics and inubrofen and Zantac.

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Answered by Bill
21st July 2013

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Involuntary / spontaneous orgasms

I'm 16 years old male and I'm very serious about this. When I'm mildly anxious quite often have a spontaneous ejaculation. So basically every time I am writing an exam, i wear so much in my pants to hide this now, pants > shorts > underwear. I use to be pretty normal, school ends go to the park and play with friends. Now I cannot enjoy music or watching movies or any other activities as much as I used to. I don?t even care for regular social contact with friends or family anymore. This didn't all mysteriously happen, when I was 14 years old I had to get an appendix surgery, I know this is a very common procedure and happens so many times but after the surgery It was difficult to pee but it eventually got normal and I kept feeling physical arousal at my penis, like hypersensitivity slight movements would trigger it, I didn't really know how to explain it back then so i didn't even mention it. In school one day we had a test, I studied hard for it and there was like one question that i found difficult and my anxiety nerve went up mildy and that mildy made me spontaneous ejaculate. I was so distressed that day and felt so uncomfortable that something like that can happen without any control on my part. I told my dad and we went to an MD, refered to an urologist. The urologist which I waited so many months for said I was normal(do i have to record this for him or what!) yet I still get spontaneous ejaculations and hypersensitivity constantly. This is so embarrassing and i don't know what to do anymore. I also cant do presentation, luckily my doctor sent a document to my school that says i have extreme anxiety that excludes me from doing presentations (i don't but they aren't going to say spontaneous orgasm so im okay with it). What do i do? I came across this while searching i think he explained what happens during a test much better then i did: it is literally this, i messaged the op but it seems that account is inactive i hope he replies i asked him if he has fixed it somehow. I'm very desperate and i feel the medical system has failed me. My urologist would just lecture me how im at that age where i get "wet dreams and body development" and stuff i already knew. I don't know what else to do? See another doctor? See another urologist? See a psychologist?

Asked by Adrian (aged 16) from Canada
20th March 2016 (in Health)

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Hi, you may read my post (Dan) on a similar topic here:

I think we are lucky!

Apart of the little wet mess in our underwear, there is no need to worry about. Enjoy the nice feeling...

Do you have more than one orgasm during one exam? After you are done (with the pleasure) do you feel ok going to finish the exam?

I also had/have countless wet dreams in which I am dreaming to be at school exams, loosing the train or missing the flight.

Again, I think we are a lucky minority. You may share your story with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) and I am sure she/he will get very aroused. It would be the perfect foreplay.

I am also sure that after you will start your sex life with a partner, these exam orgasm will diminish. At least when you will finish your school. You will miss the pleasure...

And I absolutely advise NOT to go to another doctor. You (we) are perfectly normal!

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Answered by Dan
12th August 2016

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Penis leakage

I masterbate quite frequently but for the last three days if I do sperm never seems to stop leaking out of my penis day and night, what can I do to stop this as I know it's not normal. First I thought it was a STI so I had a test and I'm all clear plus when I do masterbate everything seems normal. Please Help?

Asked by Dylan
12th March 2015 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

It sounds as if you are experiencing something that is quite common. Depending on your age, how horny you feel and the level of your hormones, you may produce small amounts of secretions for much of the time. If you masturbate frequently (as you say) you encourage secretion production which is perfectly normal.

Most of us guys make precum in varying amounts: you are just making a bit more than most so it leaks out quite a bit. Your test confirms that you don’t need to worry about anything else. As you get older it will probably reduce and stop eventually so enjoy being young while you can!

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
8th December 2015

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Penis discomfort

I had a drunken one night stand about 2 weeks ago - unprotected vaginal sex. I'm 37. The day after there was a tingling sensation in my penis which disappeared after a few days but has since returned after having protected sex. It's not constant and not particularly painful but slightly uncomfortable. It feels like it's at the tip of the penis. I have had no other STD type symptoms (no pain during urination / ejaculation, no discharge etc). I am very worried I have an STD though - does it sound like I could have? If I gonfor a test, what should I get tested for with this symptom? Thanks. E

Asked by E
19th February 2015 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

You are right to wonder whether you may have an infection and we would suggest that you should get checked.

There are several types of STI that you can get, and in some cases you don’t even notice any symptoms although you can still pass it on as well as getting complications yourself later.

You don’t need to worry about what to get tested for – all the clinics will know what to test for.

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
8th December 2015

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Drugs effect

Sir, does Cialis and celdenifil tablets has side effect directly on penis health if some one test it only for one time Thanks

Asked by anonymous
23rd November 2013 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for contacting MSH. These drugs are for people who suffer with weak erections. These should only be taken after a consultation with you GP/Doctor. If you order these without seeking medical advice first you are putting your health at risk. And if you order online you can not guarantee what you are being sent is the real product so be extremely careful where you get these from. It should be from your GP or Doctor. Regarding side effects your docotr/GP should have gone through these with you if you have got them legally. Also in the box they come in, they will have a list of directions for use and side effects, if they didnt come with them I'd be very concerned about the product you have is not real. If you go to the following two pages, they will list all the side effects of these two drugs and . We hope this has helped but please ensure you have got these from and official Doctor/GP, it is too risky to take the chance of getting them cheaper elsewhere

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Answered by team member Matt
3rd December 2013

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Advice on testing for only unprotected oral

Hi, I am a bisexual male and last tested in March 2012 for HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia with all results being negative. My only form of unprotected sex is when someone is sucking me. I do frequently visit gay cruising areas and gay bath houses but only engage in protected oral sex if am sucking a penis, if some one is performing oral sex on me most of the time it is without protection. I have read other forums but they only give a guide for one instance not multiple incidents i.e. 20 males over 7 months So my question is do I need to retest and should I be concerned for any STDS? Thank you for taking the time to read my question Joe

Asked by Joe
9th November 2012 (in Sex)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi Joe, thanks for getting in touch with your concern. Oral sex generally is a low risk activity, and you have reduced risk of transmission by using condoms when you give oral. But yes there is risk that you could catch something from someone when they perform oral sex on you without you also wearing a condom, for example, you can get chlamydia in the throat, so if you get sucked off by someone who has that, its likely this will be passed on to your penis, and then if someone else sucks you off, you could then infect their throat. Also multiple partners also increases risk, as shown in my previous example. Oral sex is very low risk of HIV, but yes there is risk of other STI's. We normally recommend getting tested after each new partner, but when engaging in multiple partners this isn't always practical, so maybe at least once a month, if you are constantly engaging in activity if any part of it is unsafe. But this could also be discussed with the person who treats you at the GUM clinic, they may suggest a different time frame. I hope this has helped answer your question, feel free to get back in touch if you would like further advice.

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Answered by team member Matt
12th November 2012

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Accidentally split azithromycin dose

I contracted genital gonorrhea through unprotected oral sex with a partner and took a course of doxycycline (100mg twice per day for seven days). I received a injection in the buttock yesterday (though I'm not sure what antibiotic this was) and was also given a further course of the antibiotic azithromycin. The doctor wasn't very clear as to how to take the azithromycin and I took one 250mg tablet about 12 hours before realising that all four tablets were intended to be taken as a 1mg single dose. I immediately took the remaining 750mg. My question is, given that I've had both an injection and a course of doxycycline, is this misunderstanding of the azithromycin (and the 12 hour gap between the first 250mg and the remaining 750mg) likely to mean that I still have the infection? Do I need to seek treatment or testing again?

Asked by anonymous
22nd November 2012 (in Sex)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thank you for getting in touch with us. With this specific incident, due to the nature of the personal prescription we could not really comment on it, as we don't know any of your medical history and although medication for STI's can be seen as universal, it could actually be person specific based on many other factors. So for this we would say that you should call the clinic back up and discuss the issues you have pointed out above and I'm sure one of the clinicians will be able to give you a correct answer based on your records they hold. Sorry we couldn't be more specific but hopefully you can understand why we on this occasion we can't be.

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Answered by team member Matt
22nd November 2012