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Sticky penis head

hi, i'm 18 yrs old & a virgin. starting of my penis's head is kind of stuck with the covering. there is something on the joint but when i try to clean it.It's so sensitive that i cant do it...plss help me..??

Asked by anonymous
1st February 2013 (in Health)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thanks for contacting Men's Sexual Health. Its a little difficult to understand your question, but it sounds like you may have a tight foreskin. Is this just a problem when you get an erection or when you are soft/flacid too?

This is more common than most men realise. There are a few different ways to help improve this issue, some men will get prescribed a steroid cream to help, some will slowly over a long period of time gently stretch it a little a time, and some will need to be circumcised, but this is usually a last resort if other methods don't work.

The stretching method involves stting in a warm bath and slowly retracting a little of the foreskin, repeat this weekly, retracting a little more each time.

We would also advise you see your local GP/Doctor as he will be able to do a proper examination and discuss your options and he may prescribe you a cream. Please do not be embarrassed about seeing your Doctor about this issue, trust me they have encountered many similar problems like this before and will treat you with respect and confidentiality. Please get back in touch if this was not the problem you were describing or if things do not improve.

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Answered by team member Matt
4th February 2013

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Sensitive glans pain

Hi all members. I am sam, male, 22 years. I have regular masturbation habit and 5 inch dick. The foreskin of my dick easily retracts when it is flaccid, but when hard it doesnt move. I have found that my glans are extremely sensitive when i touched them. With all above conditions can i have sex? Please help me. I have been searching a lot on net related to this but i didnt get proper answer. So please help me. Thanx in advance. Sam

Asked by sam
9th June 2013 (in Sex)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi Sam, thanks for getting in contact with MSH. From what you are describing it sounds like you may be suffering with Phimosis which is medical term for 'Tight Foreskin'. Regarding treatment, it depends if Phimosis is being caused because you were born with it, or if its occurred from an infection. Either way, you need to seek medical advice from your GP/Doctor as if its something you were born with he may prescribe a mild steroid cream to help and encourage you with some foreskin stretching exercises. If its an infection then again a medication will probably be prescribed to take care of this. But you need to maintain good personal hygiene in the mean time, when flaccid that you clean the head of the penis. We hope this has helped, please get back in touch we you need further advice or support.

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Answered by team member Matt
13th June 2013

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Sensitive penis and long refractory period

My boyfriend has an extremely long refractory period. After he orgasms it causes him physical pain if he gets an erection within at least the next 24 hours. This means that he can't take part any kind of sexual activities because as soon as he gets into it, he's then in pain. I have quite a high libido and I don't want to make him feel inadequate if I'm always up for it sooner than he can physically do anything. Is there anything that could help with his pain?

Asked by anonymous
24th January 2015 (in Sex)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

This is a difficult question. There are quite a few men who get a "post ejaculation syndrome" which can take several forms from severe headache, pain in the testicles, muscle pains, to guilt, depression and extreme lethargy. We don’t really understand why it happens, but it is thought to be a mix of physical hormonal causes and psychological ones. Although it can be very distressing, it is not serious in a physical sense.

I don’t know of any definite treatment for your boyfriend’s problem, but often with this type of thing it pays to explore it sensitively with a professional. Your local family planning/sexual health clinic maybe able to help.

Probably the most important thing you can do is to talk freely about it and let him know that you are supportive. Either partner in a relationship may have a problem and feel guilty or inadequate. They will usually benefit from being able to explore it openly and non-judgmentally. We can’t all be Superman in bed – perhaps you might ask him if he would like to do some thing(s) for you which avoids getting an erection himself?

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
8th December 2015

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i have a blue ish colout Glans and my foreskin is red but not painfull, just sensitive, please help

Asked by Alex
3rd August 2010 (in Sex)

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Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thank you for contacting us.

In the majority of men the colour of the glans can vary from pink to pale blue or purple.This is due to the blood vessels(capillaries) under the very thin skin that covers it.

Colour may vary with the degree of erection, ambient temperature and whether the person is circumcised or not, and this colouration is quite normal, and for some this can be the normal colour.

The foreskin discolouration may be due to a condition called Phimosis, which is the tightening for the foreskin. This is quite common and can vary from having virtually no effect to having a quite sever effect, but for the majority of men it has little to no effect.

If you are still concerned about your glans and foreskin, we would recommend going and talking to you doctor, we appreciate that you may feel embarrassed about this but please be assured that doctors deal with these types of questions a lot more regularly than you would think, so will deal with you with respect and in confidence.

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Answered by team member Tim
4th August 2010