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i have a blue ish colout Glans and my foreskin is red but not painfull, just sensitive, please help

Asked by Alex
3rd August 2010 (in Sex)

Tags: foreskin penis sensitive red

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thank you for contacting us.

In the majority of men the colour of the glans can vary from pink to pale blue or purple.This is due to the blood vessels(capillaries) under the very thin skin that covers it.

Colour may vary with the degree of erection, ambient temperature and whether the person is circumcised or not, and this colouration is quite normal, and for some this can be the normal colour.

The foreskin discolouration may be due to a condition called Phimosis, which is the tightening for the foreskin. This is quite common and can vary from having virtually no effect to having a quite sever effect, but for the majority of men it has little to no effect.

If you are still concerned about your glans and foreskin, we would recommend going and talking to you doctor, we appreciate that you may feel embarrassed about this but please be assured that doctors deal with these types of questions a lot more regularly than you would think, so will deal with you with respect and in confidence.

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Answered by team member Tim
4th August 2010

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