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Leaking pre cum

I have been locked in a chastity device for the past 3 weeks, the last 3 or 4 nights I have been leaking pre cum, and sometimes during the day. During the day when it has happened I have been sitting down watching the television, Is it normal to leak.

Asked by anonymous
10th June 2009 (in Sex)

Tags: precum ejaculation chastity

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Thanks for getting in touch. The purpose of wearing a chastity device is orgasm denial, and this is either usuallly for personal sexual gratification or relationship reasons. Being denied orgasm will mean the prostate glad in the male anus will have a build up of seminal fluid (pre-cum) and because you are not masturbating or having sex, this will start to seep out, so yes this is normal to leak.

However please be aware, it is actually more healthy to ejaculate, the purpose of masterbation and/or sex is not just for pleasure but is advised for men to keep the prostate healthy. If you are in a chastity device to deny orgasm then you may want to look into milking the prostate, this will help have an orgasm and remove the build up but won't be for sexual gratification purposes. You say it has been for 3 weeks, please be aware if using such a device you remove it frequently for periods of cleaning, as it is very important that you keep the penis clean, to prevent infection and build up of smegma.

I hope this has helped your concern, please get in touch again if needed

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Answered by team member Matt
30th August 2011

Thank you your reply has eased my concerns, obviously quite normal and nothing to worry about.

I clean daily using Q tips and once a week my device is fully removed to enable a complete clean of both the device and my penis.

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Answered by anonymous
4th September 2011

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

I don't know how effective cleaning with q-tips once a day would be, I understand you do a full clean once a week, but it would probably more advisable to remove the device once a day when in the shower or bath to clean the penis effectively.

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Answered by team member Matt
5th September 2011

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