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Male Chastity

When a male chastity device is worn and sex or orgasm is denied, how often should milking be performed.

Asked by anonymous
4th September 2011 (in Sex)

Tags: chastity

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

To keep the prostate healthy it is reccommended that at least once a week you should milk the prostate gland to allow the seminal fluids to drain through the penis - effectively pre-ejaculatory fluids - if left alone too long could develop bacteria and cause health issues.

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Answered by team member Matt
5th September 2011

Thank you for the reply and I will take that advice seriously, It's one thing to be put in chastity for sexual gratification, and to finish up with health issues would not be good.

What are the health issues if your advice was ignored, I won't be ignoring your advice but would like to learn more, just for interest and i could also pass the information on to other chastity wearers I know.

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Answered by anonymous
6th September 2011

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Regarding the cleaning, a variety of bacterial infections could occur, including yeast infections, uriniary tract problems, which can lead to kindey infections, and the build up of smegma (the white substance) if not cleared away and cleaned could possibly lead to balanitis, this can depend of course if you are circumsised or not.

Regarding the prostate, research has shown that having ejaculations reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer, if you look at our news item on the front page, prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in Men.

I hope this has helped inform you and others more. So long as you do clean the penis and milk the prostate, male chastity should be harmless.

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Answered by team member Matt
7th September 2011

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