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hello, i am 20 years & a straight .but when see fair men like me i am attracted towards them. i am not a gay , i don't want such sex ,but i am attracted towards them. in my childhood i an one peer friend played with our penis,touch them. after changing the school i don't remember or indulge in such things, but in my high school age i saw some boys touching theirs, i controlled & neglected,but was very problem to handle. when i was in collage ,i was in the way to my home , in the way an uncle asked me " where does this way go " i answered it.i thought he was confused of the way & i told that i will show the way,. we both were on the bike. after some traveled he was telling me i cant listen u move Little bit near to me And i moved, he again asked to more to move i did ,suddenly he was touching my down saying "there should not be his much gay also'..............like that before reaching the bus stop i was in his control & finally he touched my penis .opening my zip. like that some incidents happened with me & other unknown persons. these all made me worse that i am looking the porn, seeing oters ...thinging of any one can touch again. please help me i don,t want such thoughts ,feeling ,etc. i want to get out such thins i want to concentrate on studies . ..........please ,please help me thank u

Asked by kk
23rd August 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: penis gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for contacting Mens Sexual Health. It seems english isn't your first language so we will do the best we can to answer this concern. Regarding your sexuality, many many kids experiment as they grow up with their friends, this is perfectly normal, and doesn't mean your gay. It can take a while for some people to work out what they enjoy sexually and this period of experimentation can help work towards figuring this out in the long term. Being gay should not be looked upon as being a negative, yes in some countries, cultures & religions it has been stigmatized, but don't let this ultimately influence who you really are, you may be gay, you may be bisexual or still in a period of confusion. I think if you can find a sexual therapist to discuss this with further in detail in confidence it would help greatly. We offer this service for free if you live in Swindon. Regarding your uncle, what he did was seriously wrong, and is classed as abuse. We would suggest reporting him but we also understand this could be extremely difficult and traumatic to do. It is best to report him as he may have done this to other kids, or still doing this, if you were to come forward and report it, this could stop this from happening again. I think with this is would definitely help to talk to a therapist/counsellor, as anyone who has been abused whether its a family member or stranger needs some support to process this, or it could effect many aspects of your life. We know this won't be easy, and will take time but we hope this has given you the encouragement to take those first small steps into working on this issue. Please let us know if we can be of further help or support.

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Answered by team member Matt
28th August 2013

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