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Blood in semen

Hii. Am 20 years. This week I had masturbate daily. And yesterday little blood was seen in semen. And today too.. And sometimes tip of penis feels burning sensation during urination, is this all because of excess of heat??!! Feeling vary scary. Is it any bad serious Or what??! What to do now. . . please tell me. How to cure it now.

Asked by likhith (aged 20)
28th November 2015 (in Sex)

Tags: penis glands ejaculation masturbation gay burning

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Its a bit difficult to give an definitive answer based you your description but it doesn’t sound serious and you shouldn't worry, just follow the advice below.

You may have caused some inflammation through wanking and this is causing the soreness. I would suggest stopping for a few days, but if you can’t, try to be more gentle and using a lubricant of some nature. Any of the ones for sex are great but if you don’t have any a basic olive oil will do (but never use oil with condoms as it will make them break).

Blood itself can cause a burning feeling in your urethra (pee tube) and often if you have passed some blood it will feel sore to pee for a few times afterwards. 

If you have had sex with another person an infection is possible and you should get that checked out by a sexual health clinic or your doctor. 

If the pain continues or you get more blood on a regular basis after you masturbate you should go and see your doctor. In a man of your age we recommend a check if it happens four or more times in a month. In this situation your doctor will probably ask a specialist to see you for a couple of extra checks to be sure that you have nothing serious.

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Answered by team member Douglas
8th December 2015

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