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Help me Please, don't lie to make me feel better

I have started masturbating since the age of 12 years old and while watching gay porn as I like to see other guys dick that are longer than mine. I will ejaculated when the guy in the porn ejaculate and act as though I am the one getting blowjob but I know that I am straight as I would not want to fuck or have sex with a man. I am now 18 years old and I am afraid that my brain is a little bit damaged. I went to see the psychiatrist for anxiety and depression and he gave me fluoxetine which I am taking and I hope my penis and brain are still working well.

Asked by anonymous
4th October 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: penis ejaculation masturbation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello, and thanks for contacting us. Let me first address you opening headline, we would not lie to you to make you feel better. We are here to provide advice and support and signpost when needed. Watching gay porn doesn't necessarily mean you are gay, and you have not damaged your brain. Most men watch porn, and most will find themselves putting themselves in one of the positions of whats occurring on screen, as part of the fantasy and sexual act of masturbating to porn. And many men experiement during there teenage years with watching differnt kinds of porn and exploring there bodies with close friends even of the same sex, this does not always mean they are gay or straight, its just a time when your hormones are very active and you will find yourself very sexually active.

It can take a while for some people to work out what they enjoy sexually and this period of experimentation can help work towards figuring this out in the long term. Being gay should not be looked upon as being a negative, yes in some countries, cultures & religions it has been stigmatized, but don't let this ultimately influence who you really are, you may be gay, you may be bisexual or still in a period of confusion. I think if you can find a sexual therapist to discuss this with further in detail in confidence it would help greatly. The fact you watch gay porn, shows that you find these images sexually exciting, this doesn't necessarily mean you are gay, just the act of the sex that turns you on, it dosnt mean you want a relationship with a man, just enjoy sex with one, many many men do this. You may be bisexual, but I do think talking to a professional therapist would be of great benefit to you, they are confidential and will not pass your information on to anyone. We hope this has helped you, please let us know of any further advice or support we can offer

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Answered by team member Matt
15th October 2013

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