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Frenulum splits

the other day i was dry humping my girlfriend when my frenulum split, (ive visited the GP about it) i did not ejaculate but im worried that my girlfriend is pregnant. should i be? she said she had blood around her vagina as well.

Asked by anonymous
9th November 2012 (in Sex)

Tags: ejaculation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for getting in touch. It is extremely unlikely that your girlfriend is pregnant. As you said, you didn't ejaculate, however sperm can be found in pre cum (as can STI's just so you know), however you also say you were dry humping her, so I'm assuming none of this pre cum would be anywhere near her vagina, so baring those two facts at hand, it shows its almost impossible to have made her pregnant. You would have either had to have had ejaculated in her, or been pre cum while having sex before you pulled out, but none of that occurred based on what you have said so please do not worry. Please remember condoms are the best form of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and transmission of STI's. If you have any further concerns please do get back in touch.

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Answered by team member Matt
12th November 2012

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