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Hi i am a 38 year old i used a hand to much so my penious is demagemy my pinious

my penious going on one side and very week and its size is small my wife is not happy with my sex i need a treatment pleas help me

Asked by tanvir
25th May 2012 (in Sex)

Tags: penis size masturbation

pleas advice a medic ion for me i am thank full to you

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Answered by tanvir
25th May 2012

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hi thanks for getting in touch. I think due to a language barrier issue it is hard to understand what your exact problem is. You say you have used your hand too much and have damaged your penis, and it goes to one side and is weak, is this correct? If so, its hard to know how bad you have damaged it, a chance you just need to let it rest and heal, but to be safe it may be better to go to your local doctor or GP to get it looked at. If you mean its weak, as in you are not maintaining a strong erection, then this could be for a few reasons, possibly you are feeling stressed and suffering anexity with your wife and this is causing you to not be able have a strong erection, however it could also be medical related, so again discuss this issue with your doctor or gp, do not feel embarrased about discussing this with them, they are use to dealing with such issues and should treat you with respect and confidence, there are a few treatments for erection issues, such as viagra, but the doctor would discuss this with you and see if it is something that would suit your issues. Regarding the size of your penis, there is no medicine for increasing the size of a penis, we would suggest trying different positions to stimulate your wife, as other positions suit men differntly depending on the size of there penis. If you are feeling a lack of self esteem and confidence in this area, we provide a free counselling service, if you live in Swindon and this would interest you please get back in touch.

If you feel this hasnt answered you question, then please do email or call us again

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Answered by team member Matt
25th May 2012

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