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Hi Dr. Patil, Sir I want to ...

Hi Dr. Patil, Sir I want to ask one question. I am 26 years old. I never had Sex. now I am planning to get married next year. how ever I masturbate and since last one month I am noticing that my penis does not stand properly as it did before. it's always flaccid even at the time of erection. I do not observe any stand up temptation while viewing romantic or pron clips. I am very worried whether - I have lost my sex power - I can make my partner pragnent - Loss in size of penis Can you please guide me on my problems and what steps i should take to over come same?

Asked by Justin
19th November 2015 (in Sex)

Tags: penis penis size erection masturbation

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

It sounds as if you are very worried by what you have noticed – and by the possible consequences for your planned marriage. 

In fact, your worries are almost certainly the main reason why you are having problems with your erections. Things don't work well when you are anxious about sexual ability and performance and if you start to think you are going to lose your erection, often you do!

In addition you have never had sex, and the prospect of first time experience and the thought that your marriage might be harmed by possible failure is a huge extra worry which will make erections even more difficult.

The problem almost always goes away with some help and support. Start by having a chat with a sexually experienced friend. If this isn't possible, ask your doctor.

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
9th January 2016

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