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Lack of seaman and hard lump in gooch when getting or erect

A few months ago I caught clymidia and I had a swollen testical I took dyoxlyn this cured my problem at first but then a few months later I noticed my testical had got smaller and my testical tubes had shrunk and no fluid was going through them also when I go to get erect I have a large build up of something hard in my gooch area around my tubes or in them I seem to ejaculate far to quickly?

Asked by Cj
30th November 2014 (in Health)

Tags: ejaculation premature ejaculation erection

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

This sounds quite complicated and we can only give you some general advice.

The treatment for your Chlamydia will have worked unless you didn’t finish it or you have since had sex with someone who has got it. It doesn’t cause shrinking testicles.

At a guess you might have had swollen testicle and tubes (called epididymitis) with the infection. The swelling would go down after it was treated and cured. This might make you feel as if your testicle had shrunk.

Most people can’t feel fluid going through the tube that drains the balls – we wonder how you know that no fluid was going through them?

The inflatable tubes that fill with blood to make an erection (called corpora cavernosa) actually start in the gooch area (perineum) well behind your ball bag (scrotum). When you get hard you should be able to feel the base of your penis filling up and hard there too.

Ejaculating very quickly ("premature ejaculation") is quite a common problem but is unlikely to be connected with the other things you mention.

If you are talking about sex with someone else, a longer period of foreplay without touching your penis can improve it for you both.  If you pull out before you reach a climax and you (or your partner) squeeze your penis hard below the head, this will usually stop the climax and after a few moments you can start again. You can also try this technique when you  are masturbating and see if you can control your orgasm and cum later.

There is professional help available from sex therapists if you are able to see one of them

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Answered by team member Dr Peter
8th December 2015

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