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Pre cum

sir,whenever i talk erotic,or watch erotic movies ,my penis get errected and at the same time semen(not sperm) flows out with in sec.i am not able to control it.it happens very quickly with very first erection.i feel dull after that.Does it affect memory?.plz plz help,i m a student.i feel lack of concenteration.

Asked by singh
3rd September 2013 (in Health)

Tags: penis ejaculation premature ejaculation gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thank you for contacting MSH. It sounds like you are describing pre-cum, this is a liquid a man produces when sexually aroused, this is perfectly normal, some men produce a lot, some men just a little and some men don't at all. Its the bodies way or producing a natural lubricant. This doesn't affect your memory and I wonder why you would think such a thing, if you could let us know. It is easy to become distracted, especially at your age, but your hormones are all over the place right now, and sex will often be on your mind, watching porn and masturbating once complete should help you relax and concentrate back on your studies. It is perfectly normal and healthy so don't stress too much about this.

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Answered by team member Matt
5th September 2013

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