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Penis not get stand

hello sir i am 24 year old and get sex with my partner i can play three or four time in 3 hour only. but last time i can just only do one time and not after it i can not get my penis erection next till 2 hr rest... i get confused and feeling not good :(

Asked by Hasan
19th November 2013 (in Sex)

Tags: penis erection gay

Response from Men's Sexual Health:

Hello and thanks for your question. After having sex, when the penis ejaculates sperm it is perfectly normal and natural for the penis to then lose its erection, this happens to nearly all men so please do not worry. But after a short period of rest, most men should find that with further foreplay and sexual activity that you will be able to get an erection again and be able to have sex another time if that is what you and your partner wish. The fact that you have managed to have sex more than once shows that your penis is working fine, the issue that you struggled to do this again another day is probably nothing to worry about, you shouldn't mark how you perform one day as point to mark all other sexual activity. The human body will have different amounts of energy every day, your sexual desire will also vary each and every day so some days you will find you will be able to perform more than once, other days maybe just the once, if you get stressed and worried about this if will have a negative effect on your mind and body so that the next time you have sex you will have these worries in the back of your mind and so will affect your performance. Keeping physically fit, exercising and having a well balanced diet will all help to keep your body in good shape and have the stamina to help in such activities. We hope this has helped.

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Answered by team member Matt
20th November 2013

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